3 May 2001

Afraid of heights? These are the ones to avoid then - the 20 highest resorts in the world.... (Ed. Last updated Dec 07)

1. Chacaltaya, Bolivia
Top lift height 5,421m / 17,785 feet
Mountains: Andes
Notes: Highest in the world/Highest surface lift in the world/Oldest in South America/Closest to equator - allegedly hard to ride because of altitude sickness. Open only in summer.

2. Mérida, Venezuela
Top lift height: 4,767m / 15,639 ft
Mountains: Andes
Notes: Highest cable car in the world/Longest cable car distance in the world

3. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, China
Top lift height: 4,516m / 14,816 ft
Mountains: Himalayas
Notes: Highest lift in Asia/Highest gondola lift in the world - opened in 1999, but no ski area here.

4. Quito, Equidor
Top lift height; 4,050m/13.284
Mountains: Andes
Notes: There's no skiing - lift built in 2005

5. Gulmarg, India
Top lift height: 3,980m / 13,054 ft
Mountains: Himalayas
Notes: New gondola opening in 2005 after delays due to the civil war in Kashmir.

6. Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
Top lift height: 3,914m / 12,840ft
Mountains: Rocky Mountains
Notes: Currently the world's highest chair lift. Actually a quad lift.

7. Zermatt, Switzerland
Top lift height 3,899 metres / 12,792 feet
Mountains: Alps
Notes: Highest lift in Europe/Highest lift of a major international destination resort - this lift is a drag lift above Klein Matterhorn

8. Loveland Ski Area, Colorado, USA
Top lift height 3,871 m / 12,700 feet
Mountains: Rocky Mountains
Notes: Highest quad chair in the world/Highest lift in North America when first installed in 1998

9. Chamonix, France
Top lift height 3,842 metres / 12,605 feet
Mountains: Alps
Notes: Highest lift in France/Biggest lift-served vertical in the world

10. Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, USA
Top lift height 3,813m / 12,510 feet
Mountains: Rocky Mountains
Notes: Highest surface lift in North America/Biggest lift-served vertical in USA - only open a few days every season

11. Arapahoe Basin, Colorado, USA ***
Top lift height 12,472 feet / 3,802 metres
Mountains: Rocky Mountains
Notes: Highest double chair in the world

12. Chimbulak, Kazakhstan
Top lift height 12,467 feet / 3,800 metres
Mountains: Tienshan

13. Mount Elbrus, Russia
Top lift height 12,467 feet / 3,800 metres
Mountains: Caucasus
Notes: Highest lift in Eastern Europe

14. Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA
Top lift height 12,287 feet / 3,745 metres
Mountains: Rocky Mountains
Notes: World's highest 6 seater chair

15. Tochal, Iran
Top lift height: 3,740m / 12,270 ft
Mountains: Alborz
Notes: Gondola lift

16. Telluride, Colorado
Top lift/height: 12,255 ft/3735m
Mountains: Rocky Mountains
Notes: Highest Express Chairlift at time of installation, now surpassed by Breckenridge

17. Breckenridge, Colorado
Top lift height: 12,214 ft/3,723m
Mountains: Rocky Mountains

18. Winter Park, Colorado, USA
Top lift height 12,060 feet / 3,676metres
Mountains: Rocky Mountains

19. Valle Nevado, Chile
Top lift height 12,041 feet / 3670 metres
Mountains: Andes

20. Santa Fe Ski Area, New Mexico, USA
Top lift height 12,003 feet / 3658 metres
Mountains: Rocky Mountains

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