Resort Profile: Mount Washington

By adamrowden, 14 Dec '12 at 10:40

Mount Washington is a Canadian ski resort that is located on the eastern edge of Vancouver Island Ranges in British Columbia. It is one of the most spectacular coastal alpine settings in North America and has the Pacific Ocean as a beautiful backdrop.

During its winter seasons, Mount Washington receives a fantastic 11 metres of annual snowfall and it is also renowned as the home of Canada’s deepest pile. The more hardcore riders will love The Outback, which is a 400-acre Double Black Diamond area of rich glades, amazing bowls and some excellent steep drops.

The entire ski area is served by a high-tech and high-speed detachable quad that is known as the Boomerang Quad. The resort has plenty to offer skiers and snowboarders of all styles and types, so whether you are a fan of tele, nordic or alpine skiing, Mount Washington is the place for you.

If you are a fan of tree riding then you will be licking your lips at the prospects that Mount Washington has in store. Some of the sweetest tree riding awaits you. There are around 60 marked runs in Mount Washington and there is also an abundance of cross-country skiing, snow camping, snowshoeing trails and two cracking terrain parks.

There is also some great night terrain which provides you with the chance to try the great Coaster run and the Stomping Ground Terrain Park, in the night light, which is a must. The night skiing doesn’t end there though, The Whisky Jack Chair is also lit which takes you to two full night runs from Mount Washington’s alpine area to the base lodge.

So, to conclude, if you like a wide variety of skiing and snowboarding and panoramic 360 degree views of mountains, ocean, islands and lakes, then Mount Washington could just be the place for you!

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