Meet Billy Bunter - he's a punter!

billy2.jpg (11861 bytes)When some companies tried to ban the word 'Punter', it wasn't long before some inventive Cockney rhyming slang led to Billy's arrival in the world of season work.

Billy now inspires many season workers each winter - by being both irritating, yet strangely endearing.  

You can read genuine workers' stories about some of Billy's exploits in Tales from the White Stuff, an occasional feature in our newsletter, Natives News.

But not every punter is a Billy, so page down for our guide for how to spot him...

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"No, I'm not the Crystal rep!"

Billy asks questions like:

-- What do you do in the summer?
-- When are you going to get a real job?
-- If I don’t have breakfast will I be hungry by lunchtime?
-- If I only wear one layer will I be cold at the top?
-- Does it matter what colour thermals I wear?
-- What’s for dinner?
-- Is sleeping with the chalet girl compulsory?
-- Why does it only snow off piste?
-- How do they make the moguls?
-- Where do they put the snow in the summertime?
-- Does the cable car go faster on the way down?
-- Can I change these carvers for parabolics?
-- I thought the snowcannons were petrol-pumps!
-- How much does it cost to go up Everest?  (in Chamonix)

(Try 'What's Hot and What's Not' for more Alpine no-no's)

Billy in his holiday casuals
Billy in his holiday casuals

Billy does things like:

-- Fall off drag-lifts
-- Carry his skis with the tips pointing upwards
-- Make sheep/cattle noises when squeezing onto a cable car
-- Get sunburnt
-- Spend more on equipment than learning how to use it
-- Wear court-jester hats
-- Steal food from the fridge
-- Memorises the names of the black runs
-- Says things like 'I hate it when the snows too powdery'
-- Buys equipment 'as an investment'

billy sometimes steals food
Billy sometimes steals food from the fridge

How to be 'Peter the perfect punter':

-- Ring resort before you arrive to see what’s needed
-- Bring supplies of copies of Heat and , OK, Marmite, Cheddar cheese, Branston Pickle, Red Bull etc as required
-- Keep the staff topped up with generous G&Ts
-- Help with the washing up
-- Make your own bed
-- Agree breakfast shouldn't be before 0900, but be out of the chalet by 0930 each day
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