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Ride Concept UL

The Ride Concept UL is a super light board, but without the light board chatter and super board price tag. This is mainly due to the Silencer 7 Tuned Core(TM). The core directly compliments the shape of the Carbon Array 7(TM) silencers to help filter even more edge vibration for a super smoothed-out, snappy ride. To make sure you can have a bit of fun the Concept uses REAL UL glass for a light, lively ride, and if you want speed, no problem; the Copper Fusion Base(TM) provides the fastest ride around whatever the conditions. The premium-level Concept UL has been designed for the mountain master who rides everything at 100%.

Silencer 3/5/7 Core: A material used to filter out board vibrations to deliver a very smooth feel when riding. Used in 3 different grades.
Carbon Array: Ride's power distribution technology is designed to enhance rider response, and works by channelling rider input to the opposing contact point. Carbon strips running from underneath the bindings to the 4 contact points of the board provide more stability at speed, and more response when you make your turns. Available in three levels with 3, 5 and 7 rays.
Real UL Glass: Intelligent fibre placement adds more carbon to the topglass, while keeping the smooth snap tension properties of Aramid on the bottom of the core.
Copper Fusion Base: Copper is the most conductive additive used in board bases. It conducts both heat and static for a super fast ride in a wide variety of conditions.

Sizes: 157, 159, 161

Price: £470 



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