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Nitro Misfit


The Nitro Misfit is a hardcore all-terrain twin, and this season it has a couple of new pieces of Nitro tech to help you pull spins and ride powder. The tri-lite construction fibreglass reduces weight but increases control, while the new FX Smartbase 3.1, exclusive to Nitro, is super fast and durable in hard pack or slush. The Misfit also benefits from Nitro's Powerlite core, and tri-progressive sidecut that give you great edge grip as you accelerate through the turn and increases response and snap. You want a board for hitting anything and everything in the backcountry and beyond then the Misfit could be what you're after.

FX Smartbase: Nitro's nano-hybrid composed of materials that change and adapt with the snow. If the temperature drops or rises, the base will alter its density to maintain maximum speed. Faster than any other base when un-waxed, it holds wax better than any other base and is highly scratch resistant.

Powerlite Core: Nitro use the highest grade, ultra-lightweight poplar in this tip-to-tail wood core to make the perfect ride with lots of pop, strength and minimum weight.



Sizes: 152, 155, 158, 160

Price: £330 

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