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Ride Sigma

The Ride Sigma binding is super-light and offers full-flex mobility and lightweight performance for the freestyle femme fatale. The Sigma features the D-Lite hi-back, built specifically for the female rider with extra top flare and full-wrap padding comfort, and the Convertible TL(TM) toe strap which gives you the choice of strapping in over the top or over the toe. If you're looking for feel and response between your boots and board then the Landlite footbed gives it to you, while a super smooth ride and stomped landings are provided by its EVA shockpads and Urethane Smooth Ride landing pads. Combine all this with Ride's unbelievably light Movement System(TM) chassis, which gives you that full-flex mobility in all directions, and you've got one of the best value women's freestyle bindings out there.

D-lite highback: Women's-specific highback that reduces weight but maintains high levels of support and comfort.

Landlite Footbed: Ride's Polysinusoidal formed EVA shockpads provide vibration dampening and shock absorption. Urethane landing pads provide a direct connection between boot and board for that baseless feel.

Movement System: Ride's ultimate freestyle system. Full-flex mobility in all directions, and the lightest chassis on the market.

EVA: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a polymer used to absorb physical shock. Used in athletic materials.


Price: £135

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