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Need to know more about the equipment side of things, or wondering what to buy? Then check our Equipment Area. You can buy helmets (and lots more) on Natives, or check out Snow and Rock for a huge range of outdoor equipment.

Those planks of wood from over 3000 years ago have decidedly advanced...

Check out our guide to the current types of skis, tips on buying, lengths and more...

With over 100 different manufacturers producing boards, you need some help.

Here's a brief intro into the types of snowboards and bindings available...

Unless you have comfortable and responsive boots, you're not going anywhere!

Foam, footbeds & the boot doctor + selecting your ski boots

Compared to ski boots, snowboard boots are like slippers. You can still make them more comfortable, with heat mouldable liners, but the exteriors tend to be soft, with leather/man-made outers, rather than hard plastic like ski boots...

Not wearing a helmet?

Find out why you should be...

Don't go riding backcountry without the right equipment...

Here's our advice and tips on ski rental.

Book in the Alps with Snowrental

What equipment and clothing do you need for your first ski season?All you need to know about bandanas, socks, sun cream, snowblades, and more...!

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