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Volkl Tigershark 10Ft Kromica


The Volkl TigerShark 10 FT ski brings a new meaning to the word innovation, with its revolutionary new 3-position Power Switch that allows you to alter the stiffness of the ski with just the twist of a dial for on the fly adjustment. You can choose between a soft Cruise setting, Dynamic medium setting and then, for maximum performance, the Power setting, which means that the TigerShark can deal with any snow conditions, letting you get the most out of each day on the mountain. Its 73mm waisted chassis and radical sidecut make this a true all-terrain weapon, which excels at carving fast turns on hard pack snow as much as it does skiing new lines in fresh powder.

Features: XTD Sensor Wood Core** / Double Grip XTD** / Powerswitch** / IPT Binding System** (** see

Geometry: 121 - 73 - 105 @175cm

Performance Level: 7 - 10 / 10

Price: £699 (with IPT 12.0 Tiger Shark bindings)

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