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K2 Obsethed

K2 Obsethed


The K2 Obsethed is a true freeride, big mountain ski that allows you to attack anything that Mother Nature throws in your path. The new Obsethed, inspired by Seth Morrison, uses a new wider 105mm underfoot, progressive sidecut and most importantly a new Rocker design to enhance floatation in soft snow. The progressive sidecut means it can make short work of the groomed pistes when you do have to venture onto them, while the Rocker shortens your snow to edge contact length making them versatile and easier to manoeuvre. Finally, if you attach the revolutionary Baron binding, which becomes a touring binding at the click of a button,  to the Obsethed then you can make the hike up to the next powder stash a whole lot easier.

Features: Triaxial Braided Core** / Twin Tip / Progressive Sidecut** / ABS Sidewall**/ Tip Plates - Tail Rivets**.  (** see for more details)

Geometry: 138 - 105 - 125

Performance Level: 5 - 9/10

Price: £419

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