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Black Diamond Avalung 2 Avalanche Breathing Apparatus

Whether you are a skier, boarder or climber, the Avalung 2 should be an essential piece to complement your mountain survival kit. The Avalung 2 is much smaller, weighs less than a pound and offers better breathing performance when buried in snow than the original Avalung vest. It is designed to allow the user to breathe when buried in snow by taking oxygen from the surrounding snowpack through the front of the filter and expels the exhaled CO2 away from the supply of fresh air and snow. The Avalung is designed to buy the buried person time and limit the risk of ice masking. It really does work.


BCA Alpine Trekker Touring Binding

A lightweight binding that converts alpine skis for reliable touring with a DIN standard interface that locks securely into your ski bindings. One size fits all (240 – 355cm). Note: Crampon not included.


ABS Escape 15 Airbag Backpack

The Escape 15 airbag backpack offers all the space needed for successful forays in search of powder, while still being small and light enough to not restrict your performance or range of kit. The full opening front allows you to maximise the pack’s loadsize, and the Escape 15 backpack also benefits from internal compartments, exterior straps and is hydration pack compatible; giving you everything needed for backcountry assaults.

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