insurance and snowboard insurance- for experienced riders

Whether going for a season or a week, if you're on the mountain - you need to be insured (the alternative is the risk of a very big bill).

Ski InsuranceTwo excellent choices that we have picked out to make your life easier are Ski and the new seasonal insurance policy from The Ski Club of Great Britain.

Both companies offer well-priced, value for money policies, with a wide choice of cover and options, depending on whether you are looking for just medical or equipment cover.

Seasonal Insurance
Anyone heading out without a job or wanting to top up your employer insurance (make sure you check the details of what is included in any policy offered by your employer), must get seasonal insurance. Ski Insurance have a small price advantage, but the Ski Club of Great Britain policy covers all activies such as playing in the snowpark, heliskiing and parapenting - activities that are often excluded on other policies.

Annual Insurance
Experienced and regular riders should get an Annual Policy, which offers anything from 17 days' ski/board cover a year. Again Annual Insurance has a price advantage

Weekly Insurance
There are many weekly policies available in the UK. We've found that Ski-Insurance is a competitive, robust policy that offers a lot of choice and are very happy to recommend them.

NB - A 14 day money back guarantee applies to all of these policies (prior to travel)

Competitive prices - Choice of policy
£1000 of ski/snowboard equipment
Single article limit of £500

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Ski Club

Travel insurance is a vital part of anyone's ski or snowboarding holiday. For seasonal workers who often spend many months in resort it is essential.

The Ski Club of Great Britain's Seasonal Insurance provides cover for a wide range of wintersports activities as standard, including off-piste skiing and snowboarding with the option to upgrade cover for personal belongings and ski equipment.

Seasonal Insurance
There is a choice of cover at three different levels, Seasonal 100, 200 and 300.

Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip Insurance
The Ski Club also offers single trip and annual multi-trip policies with the same comprehensive cover as the seasonal insurance.

Activities covered include: skiing, snowboarding, off-piste, snow parks, ski touring, cross country skiing, recreational racing, heliskiing, snow shoeing, curling, dog sledding, ice skating, parapenting, tobogganing and snowmobiling.

Click here to find out more about the Ski Club's insurance or call 08700 759 759 quoting 'Natives'

NB You will need to become a member of the Ski Club of Great Britain to take advantage of their policy rates

Season Cover (5 mths duration)
Europe from £107.50/Worldwide from £190
Insure yourself for the whole season. Simply select the policy that's right for you, take the link and select the dates that you will be away from.

Annual Multi-Trip Wintersports Cover
Europe from £39.95/Worldwide from £59.24
Includes 17 days and option for 31 or 45 days skiing and snowboarding, covering off-piste.  Covers unlimited trips, options for 31,45 or 60 days duration each trip.  24 hour International Medical and Rescue Service.  Includes many hazardous activities.  Easy to arrange and easy to renew each year.

Standard Single Trip Wintersports Cover
From £20.24 for 6-10 days
Covers Rescue, Medical and Hospital Treatment and Repatriation Expenses, also covers ski equipment to £1000.

Super Single Trip Wintersports Cover
From £22.96 for 6-10 days
Standard cover for a skiing holiday, medical emergencies, loss/ breakage of your own and hired ski equipment and public liability. Also covers cancellation and curtailment.

SuperPlus Single Trip Wintersports Cover
From £24.69 for 6-10 days
For the more experienced skier, enhanced cover for injuries on the slopes, personal liability, loss of equipment and weather (avalanche delays). Also covers personal possessions and valuables.

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