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Advice on ski rental and snowboard rental - skis, boots, clothing

Buying your own equipment is not always the best option - if you're taking anything less than two weeks of holiday a year, you might be better off renting. Here's our advice and tips on ski and snowboard rental...


- save the hassle of schlepping another bag around
- save on possible air carriage costs
- save on maintenance/repair costs
- you can rent equipment to suit the conditions
- you can try out the latest models

Renting in Resort
Most people who rent tend to do so out in resort. Keep an eye on the prices - although tour operator deals typically offer a genuine discount, there are sometimes better deals if you shop around.

The other issue to watch out for is being given duff equipment that is perhaps poorly serviced or has no edges. This can be a problem in high season with less customer focussed shops.

Ski RepublicAn alternative is to book your hire online from the UK. This can save time and money, as well as guaranteeing your choice and size of equipment. Ski Republic has excellent deals on pre-booking equipment, including an ongoing 2 for 1 offer and free helmets.

Ski Republic has branches throughout the Tarentaise, or if you're visiting the Espace Killy, recommended alternatives are Precision and Snow Fun.

For resorts beyond the Tarentaise, SnowRental covers resorts across the globe.

Fitting rental skis and board
Firstly be honest - when you are asked your weight and ability level, you might be tempted to talk the former down and the latter up. Bad idea! This information is important to get you the right equipment and also, for skiers, for setting the release weight (DIN setting) on your bindings.

Secondly, remember that ski sizing has changed a lot in recent years. No longer is it deemed the height of cool to have your ski tips towering over your head at two metres plus. It's going to vary from ski to ski and your ability, but in general think about the tip of the ski being around eye-level.

And for your board, shops often tell you the nose needs to come somewhere between your mouth and your eyes, but it's more complicated than that and if you do any research you'll realise that other factors, such as your weight and shoe size also play a part. It's worth checking out one of the leading manufacturers sites' size guides before you go to get an idea.  

Many shops will offer optional 'insurance' on top of normal rental. This will typically cover all of the costs should you lose your skis, damage them or have them stolen.

Some people view this as a rip-off, but bear in mind that, unlike your holiday insurance, there is no excess. Consider how much at risk you will be during your holiday - if you are heading off-piste, then unless there is shed-loads of snow, we recommend insurance (bases are easy to trash on hidden rocks).

Clothing rental
Another option that less frequent skiers or boarders might want to consider is renting clothing. Edge2Edge, in the UK, offers a large range of the latest skiing and snowboarding clothing, which you can hire at very competitive rates. Its clothing is brand new each season, top quality and fully laundered between each rental.


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