Working the Swiss Alps 2015/2016 //

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#1  Working the Swiss Alps 2015/2016  29 Jan '15 at 09:38
Hello all!
My question is in regards to working the Swiss Alps for the up coming snow season.
I am an Australian looking for information on how to go about this. Does anybody know of any companies that will organise a job for you, or is everything done off your own back? Any information on work visas, travelling to and from Switzerland, what its like at the Swiss Alps would be greatly appreciated!!!! Is there any way that Natives.UK could accommodate this request, as there appears to be no Australian websites with the same kind of connections, and if so what is the process i would have to go through?

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#2  Re: Working the Swiss Alps 2015/2016  29 Jan '15 at 12:38
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Hi Kerryn,

I'm in the Swiss Alps at the moment on a season so I might be able to help. With regards to a visa, my employer sorted all the paper work, but I know its a 90 day work visa, meaning I can stay all season but I can only work a total of 90 days, I don't know if it would be different for you, but thats how it is for me. Myself and my girlfriend got our job through Silver Swan Recruitment and they were brilliant, but they just put you in touch with employers, its then up to the employer to sort Visa's. Switzerland is beautiful and the people are very friendly, but it is crazy expensive here, especially since the Swiss Franc got so strong last week so beware, if you do come, make sure it's a well paying job otherwise you'll run out of money fast! Hope I was of help
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