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#1  'Working for Ski-Val' ___ The Honest Edit  8 Jul '14 at 23:51
Firstly apologies for appearing to be a new member. Honestly I haven't been on here for a few years and so I've forgotten my user and password.
So please don't consider this a rant from and Ill informed ex Ski Val employee, a disgruntled guest or even a competitor.

Thanks to social media I've recently been made aware of an article written by Natives about Ski-Val. For your reference I've attached the link bellow.


I beg your forgiveness for fooling you into thinking this wasn't a rant from an ex-employe of Ski Val. However I believe that my perspective may be worth noting for those season job seekers.

With all my heart I truly hope that the Natives article holds true. However that would mean that modern science had achieved a monumental breakthrough and given Jackie (The owner) a personality transplant, a heart and some organisational / reasoning skills.

Jackie, Should you happen to read this and I receive an e-mail from you, a word of advice. You don't need to write "From Jackie” in the subject line. Your name is displayed where it says 'From'.

For years Ski Val had a Resort Manager that doubled up as the Personnel Manager for both resorts. Unfortunately it was before my time so I never had the pleasure of meeting them. This was Ski Val's hay day from my understanding. By all accounts Ski Val was known as the best company in town to work for. Both fun and one of the largest operations in the resort.

So what happened?

STATS: 6 Resort Managers in 4 seasons (In one resort).
None of which finished the same season that they started.
So its a guessing game. Which one of them am I? Ummmm

A Resort Managers job is a hard one. Personally my toughest challenge was keeping the staff on side. Half, maybe more went from liking me to hating me.
For everyone, at some stage in life I’m sure we can all say we could have done better in any given scenario. This is when I raise my hands and say I wish I did some things differently. I wasn’t a git I just didn’t handle the staff as well as I should. We just had different perspectives. Part of this was due to me having to deal with being understaffed and under supported by the head office. Operationally though I cant think of one big balls up. It may appear arrogant but I was good at what I did in an operational sense.

In the run up to my second season as RM I was required to do the following (UNPAID):

-Write a Training plan. (If theres a standard one on in Ski Val, I wrote it)

-Schedule the weekly Staff Rota. We dropped from 5 Reps/ Managers, down to 3 Reps / Mangers compared to previous years.

-Save 30% on the transfer budget. Not an easy accomplishment.

-Drive the Ski Val Fiat Panda to resort.

What am I dumb?....well I must have been. I should have legged it then.

Once in resort I was pretty much left to my own devises.

The aforementioned article mentions "while I was always safe in the knowledge that if help was needed, Head Office was only a phone call away. "

The Ski Val office consists of 4 staff. Other than the opening hours of 9:00-16:30 GMT you'll never get hold of them. This includes the 'Out of Hours Phone' that will ring all transfer day long. Not once did anyone answer it. I tried periodically throughout the season. When I asked why it was never answered I was only ever told that transfer days were my responsibility.

Half way through the season Jackie and Mike (Owners) came to visit. They visited the chalet owners and had a meeting with myself and the Chalet manager. They reported that the questionnaires were the best they had been in years, and the chalet owners loved me. I was proud enough but they also said that it was the best the resort had been run in years!
We spoke in detail that I hadn’t had a day off in 8 weeks. I hadn’t even been skiing without the guests. I pleaded with them for an extra member of staff to do the recycling, guest shuttles and take some of the Rep visits off my hands so I could do paper work.
They agreed. So I found some accommodation for an extra staff member for no extra cost. .. Not bad eh?

Phew.........ummmmm no. As soon as they got home they back peddled and told me they thought that since it was going so swimmingly I should just keep going at it. Please bear in mind that we were 2 staff fewer than in previous years.

Company Vehicles

The Fiat Panda had been rolled down a mountain in France and the rear door doesn’t shut properly. I know this as I met the guy that rolled it. It doesn’t need to pass a MOT as it’s French.

The Fiat Panda is driven round the UK all summer long without changing its winter tyres.
I noticed a considerable lack of grip as soon as we had snow early on in the season. I checked the tyres and they were bald. I got hold of Jackie (the owner) and told her that we needed some tyres. Needless to say I wasn’t allowed to purchase new tyres yet. I still dont know why. Inevitably I got a puncture while doing my round in resort. I put the skinny spare tyre on and went to the garage. I tried to call the ‘Out of hours’ number several times. Obviously I couldn't get through. So I took initiative and bought some tyres before being pulled over by the police (They are hot spare tyers) So I purchased two new tyres on my personal credit card. Come Monday morning I received a huge telling off for making an unauthorised purchase.

THANKS for letting me drive round in a car that wouldn’t be road legal in the UK!!


This isn’t something that should concern most seasonaires.
When chalet owners aren’t paid for the previous years rent, they normally take things into their own hands. Personally I cant blame them.

In desperation the chalet owners did the following to try and get their money:

-Turned the heating off in the depth of winter. (4 times with 2 different chalets.)

-Called the authorities to spot check the chalets with 8 Health and Safety regulators. 4 inspections in one day! (Please note that the Chalet owners told me this was going to happen as a curtousy to me, not Ski Val)

-Numerous phone calls from one chalet owner at 4am shouting at me asking for his money. Head office told me they would sort it out. The phone calls kept me awake all season. (A Resort Manager cant turn their phone off before you say anything)

-Finally on my departure I left them with 2 letters I’d just received from the courts demanding payment of 2 bills for €35,000.

Ultimately, who’s effected by this? The chalet owner, the staff and lets not forget the guest thats paying through the nose for a good ski holiday.

To Sum up

I could go on all day I’ve told only a few stories, but I’ll be honest with you I don’t have the energy to keep typing my negative thoughts about something that truly upset me after being shoved out the back door despite my hard work and loyalty.

I had a great season working as a host for Ski Val. I was oblivious to most of what was going on at the time. Well the heating got cut off a few times!

Truthfully if you go to Ski Val for a season as a Host you’ll no doubt have a good time. Take it easy on the management though. They are getting shaffted more than any other tour operator manager is in town.

Natives, I hope you hold true to form and keep this up as its nothing but open an honest. As I mentioned I hope that Ski Val has gone back to the way before my time, just as it seems the company colours have.

Speaking directly to Ski Val or at least the head office that were there at the same time I or we were holding down the fort abroad I can only tell you that I’m in no way apologetic for my words and only wish I had said them in person at the time.
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#2  Re: 'Working for Ski-Val' ___ The Honest Edit  9 Jul '14 at 06:07
I worked for Ski Val for two seasons and I wouldn't recommend working for them. They give you a menu to follow that sends you over-budget because no one in the company is smart enough to figure out that you give staff a menu plan that keeps them in budget. The second season I worked for them, they didn't give us a budget update until week 5 and by that far into the season it is hard to re-coup losses. We should have had budget updates from week one. You'd think that because Ski Val has an established history in running a ski company , they would have worked out these quite obvious management details. Needless to say, most staff lost their deposit in season 2 for being over-budget, despite the obvious mismanagement from Head Office. Head Office is mainly just rude also, despite how hard you work for them. There are plenty of better ski companies to work for.
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#3  Re: 'Working for Ski-Val' ___ The Honest Edit  9 Jul '14 at 06:47
Natives, you have sunk to a new low when this features in your news section as news. News surely should be just that and not opinion.

Now there are going to be some people who read this article, apply for a job, get one and a few weeks later be very angry with you Natives for your one sided review in the news section.

Are you being paid by Skival to publish this twaddle.
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#4  Re: 'Working for Ski-Val' ___ The Honest Edit  9 Jul '14 at 09:50
Hmm, recently sent off my application to Ski-Val as well.... having second thoughts now.
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