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#1  Working for Mark Warner  5 Aug '14 at 20:20
I recently applied to Mark Warner for a season, but by the time they got back to me I'd secured a job with another company. I am in a dilemma of which company to go for as MW i have an interview for 'Ski Host' and put my second choice as winter host, and i the job I've secured is chalet assistant (in tignes) . I'm wondering if anyone can offer me advice on what MW is like to work for, and the benefits of the ski host/winter host roles?
My other worry is that as ski hosting is now banned in France & Austria I'd be placed in Italy Courmayeur, which from what I've read is a relatively small resort. Having skied since I was 3 years old & always been in large french resorts I feel I'd have a much better season somewhere like Val d'Isere, or the 3 valleys. But would the benefits of working for MW outweigh this, or should I go to interview but ask to be a winter host in a big resort in France/Austria?
Also, as a highly advanced skier is being a ski host boring when hosting a beginners group?

Any help would be hugely appreciated, as I really don't know what to do!
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#2  Re: Working for Mark Warner  6 Aug '14 at 22:23
You don't really need a huge area when you are out there for a season. In a way, a slightly smaller area is better. Remember most days you will only have about 5 hours to ski, compared to the near 8 hours you get on holiday - so you have less time to travel. Also, most staff in Espace Killy/ Three Valleys won't have full area passes, only their local domain. Some friends of mine working in Meribel were thrilled to negotiate a full 3V area pass, but said afterwards it wasn't worth it - all their friends only had Meribel passes, and getting up to VT took so long they only did it twice. They were pretty nifty skiers.

I've never worked for MW, the staff I met seemed happy enough but were very poorly paid - £60 a week as a hotel host, with little opportunity for tips. I've no idea how they survived in Meribel on that.

I think ski hosts can do quite well for tips, and may also get drinks/lunch on mountain etc bought for them. Remember that you will have less personal skiing time than if you are doing chalet work. You may well have other duties in the mornings/evenings as well, and if not, well, everyone else will be working.

There was a user on here who compiled a spreadsheet of wage and other information for various companies, you can find it here:

Should give you some idea if the deal you have been offered compares favorably or not to MW.
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#3  Re: Working for Mark Warner  7 Aug '14 at 11:16
Can't help you with what it's like to work for MW, but would just like to correct your view that ski hosting has been banned in Austria. IT HASN'T. In fact St Anton which did have such a ban for a number of years, (the only resort in Austria to do so as far as I know), has recently relented and now is allowing tour operators to offer this service. It's only the protectionist, greedy, stupid French that want to ban it. If you want to host skiers around the mountains apply for a reps job as this is an important part of their duties for many tour companies. I think it's true of most if not all operators that any holiday maker taking part in theses services has to be of a certain standard. If you have ski instructor and first aid training this will give you an advantage in applying for these posts. I have hosted skiers for 8 seasons and it is the best part of the work in the season! Good luck.
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