Work, bum or study? //

  Topic Started By:  the_chocoholic    On:  Wed 16th November, 2005 at 10:05
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#1  Work, bum or study?  16 Nov '05 at 10:05
So, if I can't find anywhere to live in Les Allues by December, I have three choices:

1. Work, and get accommodation thrown in (but that means I have to work...)

2. Crash on people's couches in the hope that something turns up

3. Stay in Annecy and learn more French until the New Year, by which time some of the first-time seasonnaires will miss their families and go home, leaving a room for me!

What should I do?
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#2  Re: Work, bum or study?  16 Nov '05 at 10:29
If I were you I'd try doing 2, then if you get pissed off looking for a place to stay change your priority to finding a job with accom. In your situation you should be alright doing this cos you already know people there...

At the moment though a good thing to do would be to look for a particularly slack job with few hours, not really caring about the money just to get free accom, dont limit your options...
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#3  Re: Work, bum or study?  16 Nov '05 at 10:51
Hmmm, yeah, there is an advert on the LA noticeboard for "maids" to do three hours work a day...accommodation included. I just hope that's something that doesn't involve a bed to *make* a living! I'm guessing chambermaid...? Maybe I'll call that number this weekend if all else fails. Cheers Mista! )
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