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Anna Ive644
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#1  winter snow  16 Oct '12 at 19:58
I sore the first sign of winter today in the highland of scotland as it started to snow on mountain ranges around scotland
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#2  Re: winter snow  17 Oct '12 at 22:42
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1 a sore leg: painful, hurting, hurt, aching, throbbing, smarting, stinging, agonizing, excruciating; inflamed, sensitive, tender, raw, bruised, wounded, injured.
2 we are in sore need of you: dire, urgent, pressing, desperate, parlous, critical, crucial, acute, grave, serious, drastic, extreme, life-and-death, great, terrible; formal exigent.
3 informal they were sore at us: upset, angry, annoyed, cross, furious, vexed, displeased, disgruntled, dissatisfied, exasperated, irritated, galled, irked, put out, aggrieved, offended, affronted, piqued, nettled; informal aggravated, miffed, peeved, riled, teed off, ticked off.
a sore on his leg: inflammation, swelling, lesion; wound, scrape, abrasion, cut, laceration, graze, contusion, bruise; ulcer, boil, abscess, carbuncle.
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#4  Re: winter snow  18 Oct '12 at 13:31
In reply to Dinosaur (Post #3)
perhaps just a grammar and spelling mistake,

Eyesore, the first sign of winter today in the highland of scotland as it started to snow on mountain ranges around scotland

Bectoria wrote Bwahahahaha post of the day. Post of the week!! Awesome.
Boggart wrote One of the funniest replies for months...well done!

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#5  Re: winter snow  18 Oct '12 at 20:35
In reply to begede (Post #4)
Very good, beegeedee
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