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#2  Winter Season Dates  27 Feb at 08:56
Hi all, I was hoping for a little help.

I am looking to do my first ski season later this year but currently work an April to October seasonal job for a Greek Island travel company. I am looking for a Rep or Resort manager role but want dot know if it would be possible leave end of March / 1st week of April as I need to be back for the start of the summer season in April 2018. Is a slightly early departure possible at all?
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#3  Re: Winter Season Dates  2 Mar at 04:42
Hi A. Hindley and welcome to Natives. The short answer is YES, of course it is possible to leave any job role at any time. No one can 'force' you to stay anywhere longer than you wish.
The downside to this of course is, there is a price to pay.
If you sign up for a winter role, it is more than likely the contract will specify the end of April as the contract date. Leaving before that date means the TO will not be responsible for your transport costs in leaving early. Additionally, any bonuses, bonds, or holiday pay accrued, may not be paid.
I doubt if any TO would pay any of these if you left at the end of March.

Good Luck
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