WICKED skis for sale- But where? //

  Topic Started By:  Dion Maciver960    On:  Mon 23rd June, 2014 at 16:02
Dion Maciver960
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#1  WICKED skis for sale- But where?  23 Jun '14 at 16:02
I have a couple of wicked pairs of skis for sale for a bloke and a woman but i cant find anywhere to post them where people will see them.(besides the usual E-bay/Gumtree etc...
My ones are a total professional guides set-up for touring and my wifes are the ultimate all mountain riders and someone could pick up an absolute BARGIN if i could just find the right person? any ideas...
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#2  Re: WICKED skis for sale- But where?  23 Jun '14 at 23:43
You probably want to do a bit of work on the description - brand, model, length, bindings, condition and asking price tend to be high up on the list for a buyer.
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Dion Maciver960
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#3  Re: WICKED skis for sale- But where?  24 Jun '14 at 07:30
In reply to WTFH (Post #2)
Ha Ha! your right, I have a great descriptive for the gear, But wasn't sure if this was the place to do it?
If admin are o.k with it then i will put 'em up here!
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