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#1  Whistler Hostel -lost and confused  19 Sep '05 at 18:33
Either there arnt too many hostels in whistler village and creekside or im crap at finding them.

If anyone could reccomend a hostel for the whistler job fair in October that would be much appriciated. I have a season chalet booked but need something for the job fair week. The fair is in creekside so that location would be best.

Any comments would be appriciated, including how retarded I am for not finding a giant whistler hostel thread or list floating around somewhere

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#2  Re: Whistler Hostel -lost and confused  20 Sep '05 at 00:50
there is a HI hostel in whistler its off rainbow lake road i think!

you can get a bus up to creekside i think but other than that its a bit isolated, this is the only hostel i know of and pretty chilled out but a bit out of the way!
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#3  Re: Whistler Hostel -lost and confused  20 Sep '05 at 06:03
Mate... there are only 3 hostels in Whistler, and yeah its pretty hard to find them. So you got the HI over by Alta Lake. Then theres the Shoestring Lodge, and the one that i'd recommend for you is the Southside Lodge in Creekside which is right across the road from where the job fair is held in Dusty's.

Good luck mate!

Oh, and the web site for the Southside is www.snowboardwhistler.com
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#4  Re: Whistler Hostel -lost and confused  20 Sep '05 at 16:02
If the Creekside one is full, the link for the Shoestring is www.shoestringlodge.com ... it is right on highway 99 opposite the Nesters Market so you can catch a bus quite easily down to Creekside. However obviously if there's space in the Creekside one that's your best bet.
The Shoestring is a 5-10 min walk from the Village depending how wee your legs are ;-)

Any one heard is the Shoestring is still up for demolition? I know they were supposedly going to clear the site for new condos, but there was a fair bit of resistance... probably mainly from the Boot Ballet fans! Anyone know if it's still planned (presumably not any time soon)?
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#5  Re: Whistler Hostel -lost and confused  21 Sep '05 at 21:38
Hi there,

I've been living in Whistler for just about a year now, did the bunac thing exactly as you all are, then managed to get sponsored so am staying on as long as i possibly can!

As for hostels, there are actually way more than 3, but granted they are hard to find, i tried a few and have to say that the UBC (univeristy of British Columbia) hostel is by far the best. It's not huge, has a hot tub and sauna and an awesome vibe. We had many an awesome night in the lounge area partying away waiting for the snow / jobs / accommodation to get sorted. All the people we met in UBC are still in touch and have had a great season together.

Shoestring is a dive, it has no communal area and although it's probably the biggest hostel i wouldn't recommend it unless it's a last resort.

You can also get into Staff housing before the job fair if you ring them to book a slot (don't know whether they are full yet). this is a great option for meeting people but beware that if you don't get a job for Intrawest you will be asked to leave.

check out www.whistlerbackcomb.com for info on booking a space in staff or www.ubcwhistlerlodge.com has some info on UBC.

Good luck to you all and be ready for the trip of a lifetime! if you have any more questions about Whistler feel free to contact me on here or killercoop5@hotmail.com

Take it easy.

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#6  Re: Whistler Hostel -lost and confused  22 Sep '05 at 13:34
thanks for the help guys, I will aim for the creekside hostel for the job fair if its not full otherwise I will look around your other suggestions.

Hope everyone has or did have a good season
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