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#1  Which Ski Boots?  26 Sep '05 at 18:13
I'm of to do my third season in December and am looking for a pair of boots that I can use well in the park but also I have booked for courses to develop my powder skiing. I've been skiing for two years and already own a pair of boots. Their Lange Comp 100's that my brother gave to me. The boots are pretty good but I feel they may be a bit to stiff for the park. Should I keep the Lange for freeriding and buy another pair for the park. I'm a wee bit confused. Can anyone help?

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#3  Re: Which Ski Boots?  27 Sep '05 at 09:15
It's going to partly depend how big & heavy you are, how agressively you ski, and your techical ability of course ... I also ski on Langes 'cos with a ridiculously narrow foot/heel it's the only thing that fits me. I have the narrow fit 120 flex ... the redish one which is basically the same boot as the blue 120 flex, just that for some reason they promote the red one as more of a freeride boot. There is also a 130 flex & a 130 plug boot (for racers) ... which has the same flex virtues as concrete. As you probably know more park orientated ski boots allow for you to land heavily in the back seat off of jumps without so much pain, but you often sacrifice the drive through turns when carving 'cos of the extra flex. This is not always true, but generally speaking. I don't ride the park so my boots are ideal as they are as stiff as I need.
The 1st thing I would do is go to a professional boot fitter and have them size your foot correctly ... to be absolutely sure which make or makes of boot fit you best. Then go to another shop & get them to do the same ... provided they have some of the same stock there should be some consistent advice. A good shop should tell you they cannot help if they feel they do not have the right boot for you, rather than just sell whatever they have in stock. Personally I would always do this in resort, largely because most people need some form of adapting of the boot (blowing out the shell, adding padding at the heel, arch support, heel lifts, etc) & you can only do this after you have skied in the boot for a day or two & if the shop is close by. Don't judge a boot by how it feels in the shop as typically the plastic will be more flexible because of the warmth of the shop & similarly your feet will be slightly expanded 'cos of the warmth. It may feel wonderful in the shop, but if they haven't fitted you correctly then after a few days on the snow they could feel like slippers ie. too loose.
Which resort are you going to (just in case I have been there and can recommend some shops)?
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