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#1  Which one to choose?  16 Sep '05 at 10:04
Hello guys

Whistler or Banff????

I know this question has kinda been done to death (so why are you posting it again I hear you ask…?) well cos no-one actually really answered it – I’m not expecting you guys to make the decision for me! But non of my mates know anything about skiing or snow and just look at me like I’m a freak when I tell them I’m running off to the mountains!!!! So other opinions needed!

Here’s the deal I’ve been offered jobs at Whistler and Sunshine Village as a ski instructor, I’ve done a season in Whistler in 03/04 (not as an instructor) – so I know the mountains, and resort, and a few people who’ll be there this season, staff accom is alright and no problem getting a bed there, they are gonna pay me $11.50 an hour, but it’s more expensive to live in Whistler. Sunshine I’d have to find my own accom and they are gonna pay $10.50 an hour. I’ve just got permanent residency, so if I go to Alberta I’m covered by medi-care straight away – no need to get insurance, BC I have to wait 3 months before I’m eligible so I’d have to buy travel insurance. In Whistler I’m gonna have to teach classes of approx 10 people who have never put a pair of skis on in their life – which is gonna be damm hard work, and being a huge ski school as a new comer I’ll be at the bottom of a very big pile – so less work (may be an issue if people stay away cos of the crap snow last season) and probably only teaching beginners lessons. Sunshine is smaller, so more opportunity to teach a range of lessons, and only 6 people in beginner lessons, 4 in intermediates, but smaller resort means less people means less work? Whistler’s probably gonna be rainy at some point, Banff’s probably gonna be so cold that I get frost bite just stepping outside!! I’ve never experienced temps below about -25

Whistler is generally known as the best skiing in Canada and attracts the best pros, they have an amazing training program and plenty of opportunities for me to work towards next level of certification. Sunshine have also told me there are plenty of training opportunities…... I’ve never skied at Sunshine, anyone done a season there? What’s the mountain like? How busy does it get? I’ve spent a few weeks in Banff town but was on crutches – so no chance to ski!!!

Finally – in Banff they sell 50c beers (probably from the slops tray but hey it’s still alcoholic!!!) and I’ve never seen that in Whistler!

Sorry it’s such long post – specially as it’s my first one, hope to get your opinions
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