whats on your ipod on the slopes? //

  Topic Started By:  ballen    On:  Mon 11th November, 2013 at 09:26
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#1  whats on your ipod on the slopes?  11 Nov '13 at 09:26
Whitelines did a post the other day about whats on these pros ipod when they snowboard... And it got me wondering what other people listened too!

So what do you crazy cats like on the slopes or in edits? (ps im also in dire need of new bands on my ipod )

im abit of a metal head so anything by cancer bats or melvins has me going down the slope like my life dependeds on it!


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#2  Re: whats on your ipod on the slopes?  11 Nov '13 at 10:33
Quite like a bit of Guns N Roses Apetite for Destruction. Classic album with a good pace to it for bombing down the hill. If just bimbling around, maybe Boards of Canada, but probably a bit too chilled really! Will want to have a sleep
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la bomba
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#3  Re: whats on your ipod on the slopes?  20 Nov '13 at 14:44
Don't know about others but I tend to have a completely individual selection of music I associate with skiing.
Personal favourite slope songs include:
Groove Armada - Paper Romance
MGMT - Time to Pretend
The Big Pink - Dominoes
I don't know why but these tunes seem to give me that particular ski resort vibe, completely different types of genres to my usual taste in music. Anyone else have something similar to this?
Nice 'thread'.
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#4  Re: whats on your ipod on the slopes?  20 Nov '13 at 15:21
yes dominoes- big pink always makes me thing of boarding!

same with (even though im not a fan) i wanna go surffiinnggg by the *generic indie band, use it every morning to get my mates up by singing very loudly and inserting 'snowboarding'

symphony for the devil by rolling stones was used in an edit and always makes me think of backcountry when i hear it. awesome
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#5  Re: whats on your ipod on the slopes?  20 Nov '13 at 16:26
In reply to ballen (Post #4)
Rolling Stones is always good. There is nothing better than a bit of Sigur Ros, or Mogwai when out on the mountains though. Something huge and 'epic' - without wanting to use that word in its often awful sense.

Sigur Ros' music, being Icelandic, is always accompanied in my head by a mountainous backdrop.

I guess you can't beat some old school hip hop too.
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#6  Re: whats on your ipod on the slopes?  23 Nov '13 at 11:53
I'm to busy with trying to stand up and not wipe ski school out to multi task with music too

If you say gullible slowly, it sounds like oranges......
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#7  Re: whats on your ipod on the slopes?  24 Nov '13 at 16:41
wiping out ski-schools to metal may be more fun
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