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#2  What am I doing wrong!  1 Sep '17 at 10:55
I'm 18 , just finished my A levels. Got two jobs, Bar and waitressing Decided last year to have a gap year. Applied for four jobs, not heard from two. Got interviews for two but I didn't get either, I applied to do cleaning work. What am I doing wrong? Is it my age? #annoyed
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#3  Re: What am I doing wrong!  6 Sep '17 at 10:21
hello, I'm sorry to hear that you have had no luck finding a job yet.
We are a seasoinare chalet couple who have been doing this for about 3 years now, we still apply for a lot of jobs every time the new season rolls in. This year we applied for 10 jobs and luckily got offered a job before applying for more. When we first started im sure we applied for well over 50! Keep trying

Your age shouldn't matter a great deal, when you have been applying for jobs other than the cleaning ones what positions have you applied for? have you thought about chalet hosting? or being a chalet flexi host? For these jobs larger companies will hire you, such as Alpine Elements.

How is your Cv? Your Cv is really important to bagging you a job, maybe even try adding a covering letter to your email to explain why you want the job and why you would be great at it. Also try tailering your emails to the companies, for example, Dear Sarah at Alpine Elements... this shows you have taken the time to find out who it is your talking to. I know this takes extra time but whats an extra 5 minutes when you could be working there all winter.

We started writing a blog recently which tells you some more information on ski jobs, places to apply for jobs, perks of jobs etc. Perhaps take a look as it might help point you in the right direction.

Our blog

Any more questions, Were happy to help

Emma and Jim
Somewhere Else Calls
Somewhere Else Calls
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#4  Re: What am I doing wrong!  7 Sep '17 at 09:17
First of all, you are probably not 'doing anything wrong'. There are many reasons why you may not be successful in obtaining a particular role as outlined above. There are usually far more applicants for these roles than roles themselves, therefore someone is going to be disappointed. There is no automatic entitlement to anything in this world. If you really want to do a season keep trying and be prepared for some disappointments.
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