What About Courchevel? esp. 1550 //

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#1  What About Courchevel? esp. 1550  29 Nov '05 at 23:04
Seems to be a lot about Meribel on here. Anyone Up in Courchevel instead? Look like I'll probably be living in 1550 from Mid Jan to end of season Singing with a new Three valleys band Called Brainscape so look out for us! It involves me, 2 Brazilian guys and the drummer so should stick out!

Anyway, Whos in 1550, and what is the deal with getting to 1850, does the gondola run late night?

Would Love to meet as many people as possible as I've never done a ski season before. The Band Gets Friday and Sunday nights off as well as some mondays and should be playing Le praz or La tania on tuesday nights.

Anyway, Let the NATIVES know if you are in Courchevel (especially 1550).
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#2  Re: What About Courchevel? esp. 1550  30 Nov '05 at 12:20
look a bit harder, or use the search facility?!?!

there is loads about courchevel with a good 10/15 people form here going or already gone. there is a roll call posted by my self, also on this section of the site. i am going to 1650 to work for inghams, it is my first season and from what i can gather there is a regular bus up and down the mountain, last bus is what people usually get up to 1850 for a night out, or to 1650 if you decide thats where u wanna go. then get a taxi back down in the morning.

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#3  Re: What About Courchevel? esp. 1550  30 Nov '05 at 12:24
I lived there last year and might be again this season - its cool. Quieter than 16 and 18 but there are a few good bars latest open til 2am and everyone knows each other and its lot more intimate than the rest of the resort and easy to get to 1650 and back, the bubble up to 1850 stops at 7.30pm i think, but buses run up the hill til midnight and then its about 20euros in a taxi down or a cold walk down the piste!!
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