Was it Halifax bank..? //

  Topic Started By:  Jonathan    On:  Thu 22nd September, 2005 at 19:13
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#1  Was it Halifax bank..?  22 Sep '05 at 19:13
that lets you withdraw cash from ATMs abroad without charging interest/fee etc? Or am I completely mislead and all banks rock this privelege?
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#2  Re: Was it Halifax bank..?  22 Sep '05 at 19:28
nationwide i think
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#3  Re: Was it Halifax bank..?  22 Sep '05 at 19:46
Nationwide, yeah. The specific reason why I got an account with them.

I have no qualms about them whatsoever, they have been a cracking bank, and offer great rates on overdraft repayments.
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#4  Re: Was it Halifax bank..?  23 Sep '05 at 11:48
definetly nationwide... i used it constantly last year and no charges! fab!!!!
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