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#1  WARNING Peligoni Club Zante  18 Mar '14 at 10:35
I have just had the unfortunate experience of speaking to the head of recruitment, Tom at the Peligoni Club in Zante.

Not only is the application form unnecessarily long winded and painful to fill out, I then received a very blunt email from the above requesting I ring him regarding my application. I call the number (using an english phone abroad so a very expensive phonecall) and firstly am greeted by a reception who is too busy giggling with the person next to her to hear anything I have said and then transfers me with no warning. I am greeted by a very friendly "who are you?!" (despite having just told the receptionist my name) and then told bluntly that I needn't have bothered applying as I am not qualified enough, and then he hung up.

I have never been spoken to so rudely in my life, which is saying a lot as I spent a long while working in a call centre.

Please don't bother giving these people the time of day as it will most likely be a waste of yours, and everyone else's time.
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#2  Re: WARNING Peligoni Club Zante  22 Dec '14 at 09:59
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We are so sorry you felt this way and would never want anyone who was applying to feel like this.

Tom has now left the company and we have a new head of recruitment Any questions regarding applications or general enquires please do not hesitate to get in contact. The whole team will be happy to answer any queries or questions.
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