Wanting to do season, but lack experience. //

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#1  Wanting to do season, but lack experience.  14 Oct '14 at 22:34
Hi, I'm 17 and hoping/planning/dreaming of taking a gap year before uni, and working a season in France is my main aim (winter 15/16). Love skiing and the Alps. Have been lucky enough to go on a few holidays to La Plagne and Val d'Isere.

I've been looking at various jobs and chalet hosting is the one that seems the most appealing - good skiing time etc. Is this true?

I have never worked in a restaurant or cafe or anything like that, so I seriously doubt my employabiltiy. But hopefully I could get some bar work before then in the local pub.

The cookery courses, especially the Crystal one, seem pretty good, but would that be enough to get me a job, having had no real experience? I would say I'm pretty competant in the kitchen, am tidy, organised etc. Not the most outgoing person though.

Any advice would be great.

Also when would I need to apply? Spring 2015?
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#3  Re: Wanting to do season, but lack experience.  23 Oct '14 at 09:30
Hi Jamieb, No company will employ a 17 year old so you are wise to wait untill next season 15/16. Most UK ski tour operators actually survive by employing 18-25 year olds. If you can gain some experience of customer/guest service in the next 6-8 months it will serve you well, when you apply. Also a cookery course will definately help if you want to be a chalet host but as Dinosour says, don't limit yourselve to just thinking of only going for 1 role. Don't forget also you will be working HARD & LONG HOURS for a lot of a 5 month season, especially at the beginning when it is all new. You will only have 1 day a week off, working for 6 out of 7. Start to think how you will impress interviewers if you do get the chance and apply anytime from May 2015 onwards. GOOD LUCK
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#4  Re: Wanting to do season, but lack experience.  26 Oct '14 at 16:36
Hey dude,

Im 18 and am on a gap year before uni, like you will.

I had limited experience but still managed to recieve 4 job offers this season from: Mark Warner, Powder Byrne, Equity and Jelly and Ice Cream. I ended up accepting Equity to be a kitchen assistant purely because I get the most ski time. But other offers included childcare assistant and customer service type roles. So it is not impossible for people our age!!

Just make sure that you spend the summer after you've finished your A levels doing something productive. I worked at a summer camp in the US..

Good luck though man
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#5  Re: Wanting to do season, but lack experience.  7 Nov '14 at 21:20
Cheers guys. That was really helpful.
And yeah, I'm definitely going to go for it.

Just out of interest, one of the chaley hosts we had was 17 and only turned 18 when we were there, which was like April! That was with Crystal... But yeah, anyway.

And I'm planning on getting as much experience and small jobs as I can between now and then. So, touch wood.
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