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#1  WALK UP THE HILLS, THEN LIFTS FOR FREE!?  13 Nov '07 at 15:56
about 6 years ago, a guy would walk up too the free lift in saas-fee(switz) which serviced the snow park.and ski for free all day!
Does this still go on in the alps, if so, where?
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#2  Re: WALK UP THE HILLS, THEN LIFTS FOR FREE!?  13 Nov '07 at 18:18
I know a guy that used to skin up to the park everyday (can't remember where) to save himself money
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#3  Re: WALK UP THE HILLS, THEN LIFTS FOR FREE!?  13 Nov '07 at 18:27
It took me a minute to figure out how skinning up had anything to do with skiing for free, and then I remembered the OTHER type of skinning up.

I had a mate who used to catch the free bus up to Altiport, then go back down to Meribel Village, but only after she graduated from the moving carpet, which is free also. She figured a ski pass was a waste of money since she spent most of her time off drinking and/or socialising. Sometimes, she blagged it onto Altiport lift, but that was pre-electronic lift system.
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#4  Re: WALK UP THE HILLS, THEN LIFTS FOR FREE!?  13 Nov '07 at 22:03
As I recall, Espace Killy only checks lift passes at accommodation points - so if you walk up and stay up, you should be fine. Other resorts I have no idea.
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#5  Re: WALK UP THE HILLS, THEN LIFTS FOR FREE!?  14 Nov '07 at 22:44
thanks for the tips guys.I look forward too "skinning up" somewhere in the alps soon.
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#6  Re: WALK UP THE HILLS, THEN LIFTS FOR FREE!?  18 Dec '07 at 23:31
Back in 2000/01 there were people doing that. They had to set out bloody early though.
Some lifts were no-go (like the top of LGM) but other than that they were usually fine until the (rare) spot checks cropped up.

They have new "smart cards" now though (I've got mine and from what I can tell, no barcodes so must be RFID) - dunno how it's implemented once you're above the midstations though.
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#7  Re: WALK UP THE HILLS, THEN LIFTS FOR FREE!?  3 Jan '08 at 16:13
Walking up isn't an option in La-Plagne, all the lift passes are RFID based and even the small button lifts near the summit's have scanners on the entry.
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