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#1  Val D isere - work  3 Jan '06 at 11:10
Ive got myself an apartment sorted out in val (going out this weekend) and need to find a part time job while im out there - basically soon as i get there im going to trawl bars to see if there is any jobs going

however im not to fussy what i do as long as it pays - can anyone recommend any other places to find work? who are the big tour companys out there and is it worth contacting them before i go or just wait till i get there?

would appreciate any advice

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#2  Re: Val D isere - work  4 Jan '06 at 06:25
Anything is worth a shot so just call anybody who might have a job!! Tour ops will usually give accomodation, but might be glad of somebody to fill in for a few weeks if you need something to get you money!!!

Good Luck!!
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