Unused Santa Cruz FS-Series Sacred snowboard //

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#1  Unused Santa Cruz FS-Series Sacred snowboard  26 Jan '06 at 11:50
Unused Santa Cruz FS-Series Sacred still in cellophane 159 in length.

Take a proven light and snappy fiberglass as featured in many of our boards and spice it up with carbon to make it even more responsive. What you end up with is this amazing and lively fiber that we use on the Muse to give it the characteristics a charging female riders expects. This board charged hard enough to make it into the 2005 Transworld Magazine Top 5 good wood female boards!

Matched with a use-specific fiberglass from our custom line, there’s nothing the Superlight FS woodcore can’t do. It’s made of poplar wood, laminated in thin stringers – the ultimate in lightweight stability. Whether you want extra pop for aggressive freestyle performance or stiff torsion for fast, precise turns, we’ve built a board around this core that’s perfect for you. Found on the Loco Pro, Park Wide FS-Series, TT Viking, and Cuna.

StrucTurn 2000 BASE
Our team loves the 2000 base, and they recommend you take it for a ride. Fast, with great wax absorption and easy maintenance. Many of our 2000 bases also come with the StrucTurn Finish, ensuring a healthy dose of extra speed to keep you out front in a variety of snow conditions.

ComPly Sidewall Construction
Taking the edge off your railslides.
ComPly Sidewall Construction is a unique sidewall made with three layers of 1mm shock-absorbing rubber strips, and four layers of 2mm ABS plates, sandwiched together above the edge. ComPly Sidewall Construction acts like a shock absorber, dampening your ride by absorbing vibration, whether you are cranking turns or sliding a rail.

Propack Inserts
Previously available on our high-end boards, Propack inserts are now a standard feature on over half of the Santa Cruz line. On the directional boards Propack 20 gives you five rows of inserts spaced 2 cm apart, which allows you to mount and micro-adjust almost any imaginable stance. On the New Twin Tip (TT) boards the Propack 24 does all that and adds complete centering capability.

Rails XX

Park/Pipes XXX

Tech Freeride XX

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#2  Re: Unused Santa Cruz FS-Series Sacred snowboard  26 Jan '06 at 12:01
Where did you get all this gear from?
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#3  Re: Unused Santa Cruz FS-Series Sacred snowboard  26 Jan '06 at 14:32
i was running an online winter sports store which i closed down at the end of last season. There was a few item of stock left over which i have finally got around to clearing.
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