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#1  Uni Ski Trip Rep??  19 May '14 at 21:33

I am planning to apply for Outgoing or Off the Piste/Ski Alpine to be a trip rep for the peak weeks over Christmas and Easter and I wondered if anyone has any advice on what its like or any tips for a successful application?

I have done a season in Val d'Isere as a chalet host before coming to uni and i was friends with quite a lot of resort reps which seemed quite a good job but i know repping a uni trip will be a lot busier and messier!

Anyone got any advice on the qualities they are looking for in the application process or has anyone done it and can give me a run down on what they did and if it was worth it?

Im basically just looking for a cheap way to spend as much time as possible skiing!!

Thanks x x x
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#2  Re: Uni Ski Trip Rep??  3 Jun '14 at 22:25
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I worked for Outgoing last academic year, I would definitely recommend it, with Outgoing there's the opportunity to work city breaks as well as ski trips, I know there were weekly trips to Amsterdam, I got to go twice this year, then there were other trips to, Paris, Berlin, Rotterdam, Dublin etc. Not forgetting to mention that the training weekend was in Amsterdam.

What they are basically looking for is someone with experience and, want of a better word, an outgoing person, with your experience I'm sure you'll be a shoe in for any company. There is a lot less work than a day as a chalet host, a normal day on a ski trip would be, ski all day, back, shower, eat, change, room rounds, then start sending people to bars and clubs, then be there to carry people home. Your mainly there to be presence on the coaches. Its all good fun, long, but loads of fun.

One of the tests this year on the training weekend was a 7am treasure hunt around Amsterdam this is after a heavy night of sordid behave and only a couple of hours sleep, pretty good test if you ask me.

The uni trips are pretty wild, but I personally think its just those on the trip bragging and blowing stories out of proportion, finally it was most definitely worth it, it can open doors too.

Hope this helped.
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