Tui skibound maintenance standby call! //

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#1  Tui skibound maintenance standby call!  1 Oct '13 at 18:17
I applied for skibound in feb/March - travelled 300miles to Gatwick sept 25th for assessment day(3trains and a travelodge costing £250)-left 1ish with "you'll get an email /phone call next 5days"! Anyway had a" good news/bad news" call 2 days later - I'm on a standby list of around 5 people! - got to be better than the "unfortunately.........." email- fingers x'd!! Anyone else on here was there wed25th??
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#3  Re: Tui skibound maintenance standby call!  1 Oct '13 at 19:13
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Lol - was a bit spicy! I did think I was in with a v. Good chance of getting in or probably wouldn't have gone - i can do the job and more 1 hand tied behind.... ! Still i might get a call! I paid 130 return trains, 60 travelodge, £13 for a 2mile taxi ride to travelodge!!! (found out bus is £3 ) and few pints /food etc! Also talked to lad there called Alex paid £6 on mega bus from leeds ! All a learning curve on the piste of life!
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