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#1  Summer Season in Lech  4 Jun '14 at 22:09
I've been posted to Lech in Austria for my summer season - a place I know nothing about!

From the little I have heard, it sounds like a pretty quiet place and very upmarket with the majority of entertainment being in the form of Classical Music concerts and Academic talks etc! I'm not sure if this is people just trying to scare me, though I would love some feedback if anyone knows anything about working in the Summer there, where's the fun?! What its like for things like biking and climbing? Also, any good bars / nightlife?

Would appreciate any feedback!!!
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#2  Re: Summer Season in Lech  5 Jun '14 at 09:20
Hey, I haven't worked a summer in Lech but was working there over the winter so might be able to help you a little bit. You're right that Lech is very upmarket. It is also very beautiful. Being such an extensive ski area in winter, the area is transformed to an equally extensive area in summer - your lift pass will comprise of the whole Arlberg region. This includes Lech, Zurs, St Anton and Sonnenkopf. So lots of mountain biking/hiking etc. Look up the 'Green Ring' which is a famous hiking/biking route, equivalent to the 'White Ring' in winter. Lech does tend to be quite quiet, but remember that there are free bus links both around resort and between resorts. They run regularly all day, some until the early hours of the morning. St Anton is lively and a really lovely resort. That's where I lived over winter. There are a good range of bars and shops and there is plenty online about the resort as it's so popular. Also, St Anton's rail station has international links and can take you anywhere from Innsbruck to Zurich to Paris. Sonnenkopf is a big family resort in summer, with a lake and plenty of routes to walk/bike. Honestly, the Arlberg region is stunning and although it might not be the most 'purpose built' summer resort I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself and find plenty to do. I was definitely never bored of the skiing, so I doubt you'd get bored of biking. I'd love to go back and experience it in summer. Give it a go Good luck!
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#3  Re: Summer Season in Lech  5 Jun '14 at 09:32
Oh and as for bars, we only used to go to Hotel Krone and Tannenbergerhof for apres ski in Lech as I always had to get home on an evening. There'll be things to do on a night though. If you happen to be in St Anton during the day I'd recommend Taps, Krazy Kanguruh and Mooserwirt for chilling during the day and apres. Also the deck chairs up Rendl and top of Gampen, assuming they're still there in summer, are nice to sunbathe in. If you make friends with someone in Anton and happen to be there on a night there are plenty of bars open along the main pedestrian zone. And for food, try an Anthony's pizza or some Skiing Buddha on the sun terrace.
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#4  Re: Summer Season in Lech  6 Jun '14 at 09:24
Ignore a lot of what has been said above, St Anton in the summer is completely different to the Winter, many places don't actually open over the summer pub wise, there is only Tom Dooley's and Fang that open year round, Pub37 is open this summer and a few of the big ones in town are open over some weekends. Most of the après bars on the slopes aren't open either. Busses between Lech and St Anton aren't as frequent as the Winter, and the last one is about 8pm.

I've done a summer in Lech, lovely place, yes it can be quiet but I guess you are working for Inghams? Quite a few staff working there for them and plenty to do to keep you occupied during the day. It is worth getting the Activ Card (don't think the company give you them any more, but they are only about €35 for the summer) as it gives you free use of the hiking bus network between Lech, Zürs, Formarinsee/Spullersee (couple of euro toll for the two lakes) and Warth, free use of the outdoor pool in Lech and the operating lifts in the area (about 6 from what I remember) amongst other things. Some nice walking and biking routes, and there is a downhill course from Oberlech to Lech, try searching for it on youtube as there is a video of it somewhere.

Nightlife wise, sometimes people do go round to Anton, and if there is a taxi full of you then it's not too pricey, but there are a number of bars in Lech open over the summer, eg Pfefferkorns but it's a lot quieter than winter. Also make use of the grill pits located around the area, seating around a fire pit with wood supplied. Get a fire going, get some cheap beers from Spar and some food and away you go.

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#6  Re: Summer Season in Lech  9 Jul '14 at 09:16
Re. a summer in Lech. No one seems to have mentioned the Sports Centre which is literally just around the corner from the Alexandra (Inghams). This has a bowling ally, table tennis, indoor tennis, climbing wall, and the usual bar games, pool, air hockey and darts. There are also open air tennis courts and a mini golf course just behind the Alex.
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