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#1  ST ANTON HELP NEEDED  12 Sep '05 at 00:34
Hi all,

I am heading to St Anton for the coming season with quite a few friends from Australia and have a few questions for anyone willing to help:

1) Is it possible to get work there without work permits?
2) Where is ther best place to look for accommodation for the season?
3) Which companies operate tours to St Anton (preferably those without a need for EU passports)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Snow Minx
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#2  Re: ST ANTON HELP NEEDED  15 Sep '05 at 14:08
HI Rich

As far as i know you cannot get work with UK tour operators without a permit. Its a popular place so accomodation is minimul in the centre, if any.

The best bet is to get there b4 the season starts and look about for work in local hotals and bars which are not UK run............these may not need a permit. The internet shop in the main highstreet called the "Mailbox" is where all jobs are posted up daily and you can also put up a job ad from yourself as to what you want.

The cheapest area for accomodation is Nasserein which is the older an quieter part of St Anton. Alot of workers live there as prices too high in the centre.

Best thing is to get there early and meet lots of people so to get networking,

Good luck!!

My man wants to say a few things as he really was a ski bum unlike me!

I went out without a job or anywhere to live last season. Ended up working in a bar...
Accomodation - go to the tourist offices and get their almost daily downloads of places available. Mostly out of the main town, but an Aussie mate of mine found a basement appartment in the centre for him, 2 mates and some Swedish girls by getting to know people in town.
Jobs - possible without a work permit, but you may not get regular work until the full season - keep asking around and get your face known in the resort.
Get there by the last week of November at the latest as most of the people in resort then are managers, or workers and will know what the score is. Best bars to meet people early in the season is Funky Chicken and Platzl (nowhere else opens until December). Good luck and sorry about the Ashes.
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#3  Re: ST ANTON HELP NEEDED  19 Sep '05 at 22:19
Went out last year without work or place to live. Place to live is probably harder to find, nasserein is not too far a walk from the centre for nitelife and there is a free bus that runs during ski-time. There is a place cheap enough in nasserein that i cant remember the name of (sorry for useless info) that kind of acts as a hostel, as in they only expect you to pay a week at a time, unlike some places that want a month or a season in advance.

there is a website (or ) set up last year by skibums in st. anton check it out and you might be able to find out more from the people who were there last year !
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#4  Re: ST ANTON HELP NEEDED  20 Sep '05 at 12:36

Originally posted by Snow Minx

mate of mine found a basement appartment in the centre for him, 2 mates and some Swedish girls

I always knew that St Anton really was Heaven on Earth...
"The Dude abides."
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#5  Re: ST ANTON HELP NEEDED  20 Sep '05 at 17:58
hey rich check on natives job section today as the krazy kanguruh are advertising for jobs, perfect for a bunch of aussies!
like somebody mentioned b4 most tour ops wont employ you without the relevant visa but if i was you get out there in nov time get your nmae about town, and you'll soon find something. what normally happens especially with tour ops is that they sometimes require drivers for there mini buses, so just hunt around.
i worked my first season with a big tour op few years back, by the end of the season we had atleast 10 aussies working 'black' in our resort alone so it does happen.
check out for accomodation, always a good source

good luck
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