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#1  Southern hemisphere work for a newbie,..  8 Nov '14 at 23:09
I could do with some advice.

I am a British citizen working and living in Valencia (Spain). I am a CELTA qualified English teacher with 4 years experience and I would very much like to fill my summer holidays with snowboarding. My school closes early June and won't re-open until late September.

I am willing and able to do any kind of work, having worked in catering, warehousing(I held a British fork-lift truck licence), hospitality, and customer service before becoming a teacher. I have roughly a B1 level (under the common European framework) in Spanish and Arabic and also about a A2 level in French and Polish. I hope to improve my Spanish and Arabic before the end of this academic year and take examinations in both languages to formalise my learning.

I would very much like to find a position to which I could return every season for the foreseeable future however I will turn 31 in 2016 after which I will no longer be able to apply for a young persons working Visa.

I've been giving particular consideration to Queenstown, New Zealand, but would be interested in any country in which I can find a decent amour of snow and a job at that time of year.

Any recommendations or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time.

Kind regards,
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#2  Re: Southern hemisphere work for a newbie,..  12 Nov '14 at 05:57
Okay so, hospo work is pretty much the main work in Queenstown being such a tourist town its very very hard to find a job no matter your experience if you come mid season so id reccomend coming just before the season starts and job hunt like mad.

Issue for you will be you can have a maximum of a 2 year visa in NZ but can only work for 12 months so I left after the season so i could return and work the second, any further than that you will need sponsorship which is actually very easy to get I was even offered it off a dish washing job its more about if the company likes you kinda thing however with sponsorship you have to stay in the country working for that company if you left during EU winter for example to work you will loose your sponsorship and its impossible to get sponsorship if your out of the country so unfortunatly its a stay in the country full time or loose your visa kinda thing.

That said its well worth even doing the 2 seasons there I had the best time ever and you may even find yourself wanting to stay the summer anyway it really is a incredible place. Hope this helps
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