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#1  sleeping bags...  19 Sep '05 at 16:35
Hmm, perhaps a slightly random question, but i am off for a bit of the old travels, africa for four months, and i do not know what to take...

I really need a new bag cos i will be camping, but can anyone suggest which type are the best...

Oh and also should i invest in the very ugly but very practical jesus type sandals, or will flip flops surfice???????????

Any help much appreciated!!!!


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#2  Re: sleeping bags...  19 Sep '05 at 16:42
Sandles think you will need a good pair of light weight boots and as for the bag it gets cold at night so a decent bag. try looking through trail mag for their tests or go to a good out door shop and ask for the best.
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#3  Re: sleeping bags...  19 Sep '05 at 16:47
flip flops are great for just pissing around camp in, but dont expect to be comfortable walking any further than a kilometer in them. i assume you'll be taking some sensible shoes too?

whereabouts in africa are you headed? some places get ruddy chilly at night, whereas others get less chilly.
you wont need anything more advanced than a three-season bag, unless you plan to go on fortnight-long expeditions up kilimanjaro. as long as it can withstand anything up to -5oC, you'll be comfy enough.
also, is it going to be in a rucksack or stashed away in a vehicle for most of its life? if rucksack, then minimum pack-size and weight are a big, big bonus. if vehicle, then it isnt so much of a concern.

from personal experience, ajungilak and vango make good sacks.
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#4  Re: sleeping bags...  19 Sep '05 at 16:53
yeah, got the old walking boots sorted, and trying hard to break them in by wearing them everywhere!!!!!

Literally going to loads of places, uganda, tanzania, naroibi, all the way down to sa, but no real plans to head up the mountain!

It is all overland so not too much trekking with the bag but i am not too sure to be honest, a bit of a spontaneous booking, for which i am totally unprepared and disorganised!!!!!!!

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#5  Re: sleeping bags...  19 Sep '05 at 17:28
my sis (this year) and dad (5 years ago) both climbed kili with our 3 season bag (over a few days, not fortnight) and camped all over africa with it........ seemed to do the trick for both of them! (Although was a LITTLE chilly up the mountain apparently!!)
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#6  Re: sleeping bags...  19 Sep '05 at 18:39
Two main types of fillings for sleeping bags, they are either down or some sort of hollow fibre, they each have their advantages. A down bag will be better on the warmth/weight ratio.... i.e. it will be lighter and smaller. but down bags tend to be more expensive also get it wet and it takes ages to dry out... A hollow fibre bag tends to have a worse warmth/ weight ratio, therefore it will be heavier and bigger, tends to be alot cheaper though and get it wet and it will dry out quicker.

Sleeping bags are rated in seasons but also usually quote two other ratings, the extreme rating and the comfort rating.. The extreme rating is the temperature you can sleep in without dieing and the comfort rating is the temperature you should get a comfortable nights sleep... Pay more attention to the comfort rating!!

I suggest that you check out and look out their range of pop into a Blacks store for some advice (plug for my current employer over). Oh and worth trying to blag a bit of a discount!

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#7  Re: sleeping bags...  19 Sep '05 at 18:53
I went to Uganda a few years ago. You really must go Gorilla treking in the Jungle on the Ugandan/Rwandan border. It is absolutly awesome you get to sit about a metre away from them and they are massive and the babies are so cute I wanted to smuggle one home in my bag. You definatly need the walking boots for that trip tho.
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#8  Re: sleeping bags...  19 Sep '05 at 23:36
Whatever bag you get get a *silk* liner to go with it!

Silk is a little pricy but it is well worth it! it packs down small, is light, it adds a surprising amount to the warmth of the bag and it can be washed an awful lot easier than any sleeping bag.
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#9  Re: sleeping bags...  20 Sep '05 at 08:11
I went on sarafri in Kenya. Masi Mara is 2000m plus above sea level, and gets cold at night. Samburu campsite had lots of thorn-bush around - easy to avoid catching your legs on if you watch where you're walking, but the thorns litter the ground - wear 'sensible footwear' (def not flip-flops etc).
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#10  Re: sleeping bags...  20 Sep '05 at 14:41
Sleeping with Bags?

Originally posted by toiletduck

Alright, I'd like to say that all eople with 3 letter forum names beginning with M, who've been heli skiing in NZ are twats with the social skills of a dead horse and should probably be banned from the internet in general, as well as sharp objects.
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#11  Re: sleeping bags...  20 Sep '05 at 14:44
Keeps you warm apparently.
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#12  Re: sleeping bags...  20 Sep '05 at 14:47

Originally posted by moj

Sleeping with Bags?

You mean you haven't?
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#13  Re: sleeping bags...  20 Sep '05 at 17:24

Originally posted by Fat-Russ

go to a good out door shop and ask for the best.[/quote:3da33c0e8a]
Rachett - I have no idea what you're looking to spend but doing that could cost you up to £500... But hey, just go to Argos and you can get a Bob the Builder one for about £20!

Agree with Fraggle about the silk liner thing - fab idea and they are TINY to pack!

As Jonnie says, yeah the down ones are lovely but they're usually a bit more expensivo. Worth it if you can though - really cosy! If you're not looking to climb up too many mountains I reckon you'd be fine with a two season bag. Personally I'd go for a good quality brand e.g Mountain Hardwear/Northface etc and get a middle range one. Expect to pay c.£150-200.

Originally posted by WTFH

[quote:3da33c0e8a="moj"]Sleeping with Bags?

You mean you haven't?

Mojjy - I think one calls that "wishful thinking". Especially for a fat nerdy virgin.
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