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#1  Ski Total, Inghams & Esprit Interview Task  14 Aug '14 at 09:41
Hello I haven't used a forum like this before so hope someone can help!

I have decided to do a winter ski season this year and have applied for a few places.

I have got an interview at the end of August for the companies in the title.

This is what they have asked for the interview...

" Please bring something with you to present at the group interview that shows your skills and suitability for the job you have been invited in for, in the most imaginative and creative way possible. Please bear in mind that you need to demonstrate your suitability for the job."

I'm really stuck for ideas and wondered if anyone could tell me what sort of thing they are looking for?? I'm not looking to copy anyones ideas just want somewhere to start!

Its for the position of hotel assistant.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

I've also got an interview with Mark Warner if anyone has any advice on this it would be really appreciated
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#2  Re: Ski Total, Inghams & Esprit Interview Task  21 Aug '14 at 13:21
In reply to kdiaz (Post #1)

I had the interview with Workaseason on the 13th and got the job For Inghams in Saalbach in Austria!

So basically, you go into the room do a brief introduction of yourself and why you want the job, I just said the experience coupled with the environment etc.
You then do a short exam style paper with multiple choice questions on the work a season company itself, so look into that on their website, and be aware that all of the companies, Inghams, Ski Total and Esprit are under the umbrella of Hotelplan Ltd.
You then do another one on your role, I went for a hotel assistant and they asked questions Whats the best cleaning product for mold and stuff like that, pretty common sense things but just make sure you know briefly what your role entails!

You then go off in separate groups depending on your role, and do your dreaded presentation. For mine, I peeled an Apple and went through the process, kind of explaining each element in terms of my role. For example (Super cheesy but it worked!) I began saying the common apple is reliable and consistent, going on to say that that's what this role demands and I can fulfill and all that boring stuff! And basically just followed on from there going through each part, i.e. the skin is the protective caring element of the apple, I am caring and truely want my guests to have the best time possible, and having skiing experiences myself, I know what to expect and how to really go the extra mile. Honestly, you can bring in absolutely anything, and as long as can talk about it in a confident and happy manner, you'll be completely fine!

I was so nervous, but soon you relax and just try to feel comfortable and look enthusiastic. As long as you're happy and make a good first impression (I wore a white shirt, with black cropped trousers and black ballet style shoes, with a navy blue overcoat). Someone turned up in jeans and a thin knitted top which was odd, didn't really come across as massively smart!

I hope that's of a bit of help and huge good luck, just be confident and you'll do great
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