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#1  Ski Season Questions  24 Feb '14 at 22:53
I've been looking around at articles and a few websites that suggest first time snowboarding tips but I'm finding them all a little vague and wondered if I asked the questions if you could help me from experience.

I'm interested in doing a snowboarding season in Europe somewhere - I'm from UK, will have just finished my degree aged 22.

Thanks in advance for all the readers and replies.

What resorts do you recommend that are the most convenient for people in their mid 20s to go and meet people who are doing snow seasons and who are starting off with limited experience as I would be going on my own and need to meet people?

How easy is it to get a job without experience working in a kitchen as often chalet workers are wanted, I have bar experience and customer interaction and my Psychology - that's about that, can that employ me?

I've seen that different resorts/companies offer different payment services - i.e. some you could work for your accommodation/ski pass but not as much spare cash, whilst others offer purely cash - which one do you recommend, how difficult are they to find and do you need experience?

I plan to take as much cash as possible obviously, but how much is a minimum I'd need to get by on until I was purely relying on my earnings and would my earnings keep me going?

A few websites have suggested the prices of ski rental equipment, surely it would be better to get a nice board for the long term future along with the salopettes/jacket/gloves etc? Should I just buy myself a decent board and equipment before I go to last a while and cut the renting fees?

I thought it would be best to let you know that I have only 1 weeks skiing experience and a few 1 hour snowboarding lessons on indoor slopes, would this hold me back?

Those are really all of my specific questions guys, as I said grateful for any replies and any suggestions, ears are wide open this point, just want to see if I can possibly save enough to get going when next season starts

Thanks again
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#2  Re: Ski Season Questions  30 Mar '14 at 07:37

Have you been able to find answers to your questions already? If not I can try to help out.

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