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#1  Ski Rep in Rauris - Not so sure  1 Nov '14 at 13:39
Not sure if this is in the right place or not so please admin, feel free to move it if I've made a faux pas

I'm heading out at the end of November to work my first ever ski season as a rep, been skiing before and after 5 years I would say I'm at the lower rung of being an intermediate. I've just got my confirmation that I will be placed in Rauris Austria, this could be subject to change but its very unlikely. First thoughts, YES!!! I finally know where I'm going and I can start researching the place before I get out there. After looking into the resort it seems to be one for the beginners and those who like to take it slow.

Now my usual ski holidays consist of some good mileage, check out the other ski areas on my ski pass and some good après ski. Being 21 its inevitable that there will be at least one night where we all have too much schnapps and beer. I can live without the lively après and the beginners nature of the resort, the thing that's making me apprehensive is the fact I will be out there for 6 months away from friends and family stuck in a quiet village with little to do, I would get my head stuck into work and just keep busy with that. However looking into the companies activities list for that resort, that seems rather limited as well.

Quiz night (always a good laugh), Paragliding (will be escorting guests to and from but not actually taking part myself), Candle light walk to a mountain hut and sleigh rides. So far that's all I can see the company has to offer. Also not everyone will purchase the Salzburg super ski pass so I doubt there will be any ski away days organized by reps. Now here I see the opportunity to try and create some new activities to keep guests entertained and bring in more revenue for the company but I don't know if this will be possible.

At the end of the day I don't wish to sound ungrateful or come across as being a problem employee before I even get out there but, I got offered the job around June/July time. I was one of the first groups of candidates, I requested a resort like Mayrhofen or Kitzbuhel. My reasons for this were because I had been to Mayrhofen and seen how diverse the range of clients were. I wanted to work in one of the bigger resorts so I got to work with anyone and everyone, from the more mature skier to beginners, families to groups of friends, young children to older children. It just seems like all of my request were ignored.

The question is do I stick it out and make the most of it, and prey my season ski pass is the Salzburg super ski pass so I can see more of the region on days off?
Or do I put my neck on the line and see if I can get relocated?
The third option may be to start the season and then see if I can relocate if I really cant stand it? However I'm not sure if this would even be possible.

Has anyone worked in Rauris for a season before?

If you've got this far many thanks for reading through my ramblings, I hope you can help me out.
Many thanks
Regards Nathanael
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#2  Re: Ski Rep in Rauris - Not so sure  5 Nov '14 at 11:32
Hi Nathanial,
Cogratulations on getting a Ski Reps job at the first attempt. Look upon this as a chance to "shine" and make a big impression on your employers, (Crystal?). We don't always get what we want in life all the time, simply by asking or expecting. It has to be worked for. You have a great opportunity before you. Grasp it with both hands and make of it what you can. Often the only difference between someone enjoying their season or not is their "state of mind". Good luck and ENJOY it.
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#3  Re: Ski Rep in Rauris - Not so sure  16 Oct '15 at 11:42
Hey, it's quite a while since I did my repping but from what I can remember people were assigned their resorts in training - this was so the managers could get a feel for who you worked well with and what resort might suit your personality, which means there might still be some flexibility. Even if there is not, then I'm sure you will still have fun in Rauris because your workload will probably be quite chilled out and the Austrians themselves are super friendly people. Your German will probably improve more than the party animals down in Zell but you'll still get to see them on occasion too. You seem to have a pretty 'silver lining' outlook on the whole situation already, so try and keep that up. You'll shine working by yourself or with one other person, if you concentrate on being a great rep so then next season you'll have the pick of the resorts. Get on with the locals and have fun would be my advice!
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