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  Topic Started By:  natives    On:  Tue 22nd February, 2005 at 16:03
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#1  Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  22 Feb '05 at 16:03
With bans coming in on smoking in public places across the world, it seems only a matter of time until it hits Europe's ski resort bars. But should it? You are the jury, you decide...!
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#3  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  22 Feb '05 at 16:23
Well, much as I am against smoking, it does absorb the smell of sweaty skiers. (and their boots)

Now that "You the Jury" is part of the chatroom, does that mean I'm NEVER going to win a T-shirt, no matter how many times I try?
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#4  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  22 Feb '05 at 16:23
Hmmm yes, I am still prone to the odd few on a night out, but some of the bars are ridiculously smoky, so not very nice for anyone, smoker or non-smoker.

Also, if no one at all was smoking, I wouldn't be tempted to light up.

From the 'almost' reformed smoker..............
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#5  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  22 Feb '05 at 16:56
Already banned in Italian resorts according to my friend who's off to Courmayeur in a few weeks...
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#6  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  22 Feb '05 at 17:37
Well although I'm a nine month old ex-smoker after 5 or 6 attempts, I still instictively don't like banning anything. Even as an ex-smoker some non-smoking bars and clubs I have been to, especially in N.America are VVVVVV dull I think it's the holier than thou attitude. So although we will probably end up with blanket bans and it would probably make my life/addiction easier I'm happy to live and let live for the while. [edit] may be poor choice of phrase -hee.
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#7  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  23 Feb '05 at 08:31
I only smoke when I drink and to be honest it wouldn't bother me if I had to step outside to light up, and if the bar had a terrace all the better. Even when it's feezing outside it wouldn't bother me. I'd just put my coat on, go outside and have a tab and a laugh with my fellow freedom fighters - smokers do tend to take life less seriously than non-smokers.

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#8  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  23 Feb '05 at 09:55
Although I'm a smoker who has absolutely no intention of giving up, I really wouldn't mind it being banned in bars in the mountains. That way I might actually come home without every item of clothing covered in fag burns from being squished in bars.

I was in Ireland not so long ago and met loads of new people whilst hanging around the heaters in the beer gardens so it's great for your social life too!!!
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#9  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  24 Feb '05 at 06:19
An NZ-wide smoking ban was introduced in Dec... Initially it was a bit wierd and all the smokers were complaining but now 2 months on evryone is used to it and it is very good to be able to go home not stinking like Marlboro's testing room.....

Only downside is that there is now no hiding the smell of beer that you've spilt on yourself.... or other people's farts!! (takes some getting used to that one!!)

Was the same deal in the East-coast ski resorts in the US.... only problem there was stepping out into -40f for a smoke!!

It works so i'm for it!
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#10  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  24 Feb '05 at 12:12
I read in a paper today that spending four hours in a club, bar or restaurant exposes someone to enough second-hand smoke as living with a smoker for a month.

I find that shocking but I can understand it. I don't smoke and never have. Didn't see the point because it is so expensive and it just increases your risk of getting cancer. But I was in a smoky bar last night and when i got home my clothes absolutely stunk of smoke and I woke up with a sore throat which still hasn't gone. When I go for a drink I don't want to spend my time coughing and choking because some people want to kill themselves slowly and at great expense.
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#11  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  24 Feb '05 at 12:31
An ex-smoker myself, I don't think banning smoking is the best answer. Having visited Cork recently there was no smoking in bars there, admittedly it is great to come away not smelling of fags or have that passive smoking tickle in the back of your throat, but it does disrupt your evening when your mates have to go and stand outside or whatever to get their hit.
My suggestion would be to plough some of the profits made in the resort bars back into a decent ventilation/air filtering system that will blast the smoke outside. I'm sure it can't be that difficult to achieve. You would then have the best of both worlds smokers and non-smokers can unite in a sub-carnal smoke free union and hopefully go back to their chalets smelling of roses (or sweat)!
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#13  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  1 Mar '05 at 13:32
I am an ex smoker of 2 years and would not want it to be banned because I think that is taking away choice. At the end of the day people go to bars to chill out. If you go into a bar then you know there will be smoke so if you dont like it make sure you find a bar with a no smoking area.
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#14  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  1 Mar '05 at 16:57
Everyone likes to socialise and bars are the place to do it.... you don't have to drink alcohol when you are in a bar do you?

You can go out with friends and have a soft drink... if you choose to have alcohol you can do it without forcing others to.....

If am a smoker.... I can choose to go outside to smoke....

If i an a non-smoker I should be able to go to a bar and have non-smoky fun....

Why should non-smokers be forced into a non-smoking area to enjoy a smoke-free night???

Smokers can smoke if they want to.... i'm not against freedom of choice, but why should the smoky atmosphere be forced upon others?

I enjoy the odd cigarette... but after spending time in the US and now NZ where these laws have already been passed I can only be for the whole Smoke-free thing.... everybody should have the right to go out and enjoy themselves... smokers still can, but just have to walk the whole 20yds outside to light up.... and for this many more people can enjoy a good night out in the bar....

Add to the fact i'm a barman and actually appreciate the whole clean-air thing... didn't think i would at first... but it is very good going home knowing the croky voice is my doing and not the other 100 people smoking at the bar!!!

As I said befor the law does work.... it is going to happen every where... get used to it and stop complaining!!
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#15  Re: Should smoking be banned in ski resort bars?  2 Mar '05 at 06:21
I work in Breck as well, and it is really nice not being in bars filled with smoke. I have not smoked since coming to the States as it has been very easy to give up as you rarely smell smoke. I don't think many people would mind stepping outside to smoke. I remember years ago in London on the tube when they had smoking carriages, and even though I smoked, it was horrible being stuck in one of these, but you had no choice if you wanted to get home.
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