Should I move. //

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  Topic Started By:  Geekychick    On:  Tue 20th September, 2005 at 13:47
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#32  Re: Should I move.  21 Sep '05 at 08:04
Move in and live with his parents? no!
Seen it tried many times always ends in tears and recrimination!
Especially if he is the only son, his mum won't want another woman in the house looking after her baby boy
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#33  Re: Should I move.  21 Sep '05 at 13:26
heya geeks, sorry to hear of your dilema, i think everyone is right tho, only thing they havent mentioned which i feel may help you come to terms with things.....................

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#34  Re: Should I move.  21 Sep '05 at 14:20

Originally posted by helsbels


Yeah! Throw rocks at them!

Geeky - can't help agreeing with everyone. After uni, my boyf of one year moved in with me and my parents to reduce the distance between us. We lasted about 6 weeks.

He is now on the other side of the world with a mate, doing the travelling thing that we'd originally organised together...

But hey I'm off to the Alps soon so :P

Boys are dumb anyway.
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#35  Re: Yesssssssssssssssss  21 Sep '05 at 14:53
Do it Geekychick you'll both do grand. Everything works out, I know they will, or I will take the world over and rule it my way
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#36  Re: Should I move.  21 Sep '05 at 15:02
If his name is Dom, you could take him to Castleford for ski lessons. And then we could call you Mrs Dynamite...
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