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  Topic Started By:  BIGdave    On:  Thu 29th September, 2005 at 16:38
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#17  Re: Shopping list  29 Sep '05 at 23:53
Havent trief yet tbh have just been using it as a cd player. Do you have to pay for gmail?
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#19  Re: Shopping list  29 Sep '05 at 23:58
Nope, you don't have to pay for gmail, but you do have to be invited. There were rumours that it was open for the US government to access, but Google say it's not true.

It's cool, because you can sort your mail using metadata instead of folders. That means that you can tag stuff with any tags you set up (so, something can come under my category of "Receipts" and "France" so if I'm searching for a receipt later, it'll appear in both areas.

It also sots your mail as threads. I'd attach an image but bloody Natives doesn't let you blah blah blah.

I'll send you an invitation if you PM me your e-mail address. You can check it out for yourself then.
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The sticks
#20  Re: Shopping list  30 Sep '05 at 01:04
Cheers looks excellent. Defo not using it for e-mail though, I'm not having all my personal details collected or a couple of years down the line I'll get lots of accurate but unwanted marketing sh*t through the post. Good for storing big things though...

p.s. I get a gig on a couple of other e-mails anyway and that doesn't collect anything about me as far as I know (could be wrong thats why I have a few ) Having studied marketing is both a curse and a blessing
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#21  Re: Shopping list  30 Sep '05 at 01:58
No probs. I'm not concinced they'll send me marketing material.

And besides, I started off using it as file storage for videos and pics but quickly fell for its e-mail functionality. I wonder how long you will resist.
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#22  Re: Shopping list  30 Sep '05 at 02:45
Reccomend a huge coffin bag with wheels, I got away with not paying excess baggage cos it was all in one bag! Paid 100 squid for mine but will save eventually n wont break the old back!
Thats if the gits dont cotton on to my scam, and I break my back in rage.

Rechargable hand warmers are a must for me this year, and an extra one for the main vein.
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#23  Re: Shopping list  30 Sep '05 at 10:16
have been totting up how much its all gonna cost - how depresing that I have to work 2/3 days for some nice goggles!

God, I'm taking up stamp collecting. Or train spotting-even cheaper!!
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#25  Re: Shopping list  30 Sep '05 at 10:25
already have all the major kit but went a bit overboard on extras this summer -

new laptop
midi keyboard for music production on new laptop
iriver h320 mp3 player
sony dsc h22 camcorder
wide angle lens for camcorder
burton red hifi audio helmet

gonna get a usb hard drive too, 60 or 80gig.
also another set of bindings for my spare board, I'm too lazy to change them over every time.
might also get a small cheap 512meg flash mp3 player that'll be less likely to break if i land on it than my 20gig hard drive one.
also gonna buy a sack of painkillers, vitamins, berocca, anti-inflammatorys, plasters, aspirin, condoms, antibiotics, throat sweets etc etc. too much hassle dealing with french stuff.

faaaaaaar too much stuff basically.
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#27  Re: Shopping list  30 Sep '05 at 20:52
also getting carried away on the buying front.

so far:
new apple mac laptop
new jacket
new digi camera on order
new camcorder

still need:
some spine protection
park gloves
some wisdom's

think i'm going to go on a movie downloading marathon too
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