Range Rover to Moutier / Meribel / 1850 - 30th Nov //

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#1  Range Rover to Moutier / Meribel / 1850 - 30th Nov  2 Nov '14 at 11:03
I will be driving from Dartford-Kent DA2 over to Brides Les Bains on the 30th November in my Range Rover + luggage Trailer (2011 car).

Can also drop off in Meribel / Tignes / Val D'Isere for a little extra.

"Night-Drive" looking to arrive in the 3 Valleys around 11am on December 1st.
Departing from my home DA2 7RD.

I'll be doing this journey alone so willing to take 1 or two more people. Not looking to fill the car to capacity - just looking to cover some expenses. Plenty of luggage space on the trailer.

£100 per seat (I think that's very reasonable considering the amount of luggage you can bring).

Thanks for reading.
Contact Mark.

** Space still available - leaving Dartford 21:30hr Sunday Night 30th December - can pick up from Dartford Train Station **
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#2  Re: Range Rover to Moutier / Meribel / 1850 - 30th Nov  24 Nov '14 at 21:52
Hi Mark,

I am looking to get to Meribel and I have just seen your post on the Natives website with regards to transport out there.

Firstly I just wanted to know whether you still have some available space in your car for an extra person + some luggage?

Secondly, is that price of £150 excluding the price for the ferry / tunnel crossing (which ever it is you are using) ?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks


my email address is georgecryer@me.com if that's easier to contact me on.
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