problems with Skival //

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  Topic Started By:  teaboy    On:  Thu 22nd September, 2005 at 15:26
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The sticks
#40  Re: problems with Skival  26 Sep '05 at 19:56

Originally posted by WTFH

Originally posted by mista

Originally posted by drifter

Don't worry, i've checked. There is no username registered as Mr Dinosaur. Let's have a sneak preview of the arguments teaboy!

So Mr Dinosaur would be his handle? Clearly...

Please find better choice of username...

Very clever indeed foxy, Boggars would be proud of you.
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#41  Re: problems with Skival  27 Sep '05 at 16:30
sorry guys been away for le weekend.
i'm not sure how much more I should say but the info I've given already is pretty much what we put on the court submission.
to powderbunny
we quoted/paraphrased what she said. it's up to the judge i suppose whether it's useful. small claims courts are supposed to be accessable to the public without needing a solicitor. We'll find out on November 15th.
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