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  Topic Started By:  Rachett    On:  Fri 23rd September, 2005 at 11:46
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#1  Peak season...  23 Sep '05 at 11:46
I cant get a whole season in this year but would love to go out for a few weeks,

I have obviously checked out the jobs section on here, but was wondering if anyone knew of any other compnaies who could help, or is it even poss to pick up jobs late in the season by just contacting them when i am free and seeing if any jobs have come available due to injuries, sacking etc?
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#2  Re: Peak season...  23 Sep '05 at 11:57
best thing is just to mail your CV around and then call them when you are free. (would call, then mail cv) the more you talk to them the more likly they are to remember you when they need somebody!!!!
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#3  Re: Peak season...  25 Sep '05 at 10:27
Get out to a resort in January, go round every club hotel for every British company, so many people leave in January, they just quit, in every winter ive worked there has been someone employed after New Year whos come off the street!
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