Looking to quit my current job to do a season 2014 //

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#1  Looking to quit my current job to do a season 2014  27 May '14 at 10:45
Hey guys.

Basically I'm a qualified web designer at the age of 27, I currently work full-time at 42.5 hours a week on 25k per annum £1600 after tax.

Thing is i'm so sick of tired of it i've been doing it for 5-6 years now and I really want to pack up and do a season in Austria then when that season finishes do a season in New Zealand.

I used to work in a pub in wales years ago and in a hotel whilst I was studying at uni. Thing is my CV currently just contains web design / developer experince.

Will I need to tailor my CV, am I too old to do this? Does anyone else have experience of quitting their current job and doing this?

Many thanks

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#2  Re: Looking to quit my current job to do a season 2014  27 May '14 at 13:13
Hi Max, NO, NO, NO, you are definitely NOT TOO OLD!!
Some companies will actually welcome someone with a mature outlook on life and some life experience, and believe me most of the industry is vastly short of that.
I did my first season when I was approaching 55. I and 1 other chap about the same age were by far the oldest in that years intake. Since then I have done 7 successive seasons and there has been a marked increase in "older" people doing ski seasons. Some like me had "retired" early and our love of skiing and the mountains keeps us going back. SO if you can afford it and want it, go for it! Oh by the way I personally think Austria is by far the best choice!
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#3  Re: Looking to quit my current job to do a season 2014  31 May '14 at 21:34
Hi mate,

Do it. You will have a blast. I did my first season at 36.

Can you drive, lots of transfer firms want people over 25 year of age for Insurance purposes.

There normally a great job and your not tied to a tour operator who will work you to the bone. Yep Geneva and back can be repetitive but it's a good gig.

Look at.......

Skiidy Gonzales
Alp Nav
etc etc etc etc there are loads in france.

If you work as a transfer driver most jobs won't come with a ski-pass, accommodation or food but will pay a 'proper wage'.

You would need to find money up front for 5 months rent, ski pass but it's a good gig. A small number of the transfer firms can help out with accom.

If you don't have 5 months rent to hand then you could get a million and one jobs for any of the tour ops/chalet firms.
Send off a half decent CV and Cover letter you will get interviews. It's early and most firms start doing there recruitment in the Summer via skype with the chalet firms and maybe invited to London with the tour ops for 'assessments'. These jobs will come with accommodation (normally crap and cramped), food, ski pass, ski hire and maybe £80 - £120 in wages per week but should have half decent ski time.

best of luck
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#4  Re: Looking to quit my current job to do a season 2014  2 Jun '14 at 11:49
Definitely do it! I worked for Crystal Ski and although most employees are 18-24 there were a good handful that ranged from 25-50+. Some companies actually request that their employees are 25+ so if you're worrying about fitting in and finding like-minded people who aren't young and crazy, look for these companies. They tend to be smaller/more upmarket companies or privately owned chalets and are often advertised on popular job boards including Natives'! There are loads of seasonnaires in resort of all ages, so even if people in your company aren't your cup of tea you'll bump into many more in your local bar if you make any kind of effort, which you should to avoid getting sick of your colleagues :P Also, country offices are good to apply for if you're not feeling being a chalet host or rep - e.g. Crystal's is in Chamonix in France, and St Johann in Austria.
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#5  Re: Looking to quit my current job to do a season 2014  18 Jun '14 at 16:30
My friend, you are in the same position as I...

I am a graphic designer who has become disenchanted with the work opportunities available to me in my preferred area of England. I don't want to move back to London and I cannot seem to progress my career any further where I am. So, I have taken steps to end my design career and move into seasonal working. I am 40 years old in August and I can't wait to start...though I am a bit apprehensive about the casual way in which people seem to make arrangements in this industry.

I have joined this forum to hopefully learn more and will put up my own thread to beg for specific advice but I came here to tell you not to be afraid of the change. Jump at it and grab it with both hands, our lives are short and are sought to be controlled by many.

You'll always retain those developer skills and the language you are working with at present is unlikely to be superceded in the next 12 months.
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#6  Re: Looking to quit my current job to do a season 2014  23 Jun '14 at 12:00
This is exactly what I want to do, maybe in a years time. You only live once. I will probably rent out a cheap flat for a year in Chamonix and take it from there. Once you have experiences the high mountains there is no going back, every day on civvy street seems to steal a piece of your soul. Even if you fail and have to go back to work then at least you have had a long holiday.
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#7  Re: Looking to quit my current job to do a season 2014  29 Jun '14 at 17:56
In reply to maxsilvauk (Post #1)
Go for it !!
I now live. and work in France after taking the plunge , snowboarding in the winter ,climbing and mountain biking in the summer. I would look at transfer work as it gives you more money and decent time off ( did first season driving before starting own business .
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#8  Re: Looking to quit my current job to do a season 2014  6 Jul '14 at 14:59
My friend & I have just been offered a job to do our first season - I was 60 in March and she will be 60 in November!!! My 2 sons did a season in Meribel last year and inspired me to apply and I hope to be able to do 5 seasons if I can!!
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