looking for work in new zealnd. queenstown wanaka //

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#1  looking for work in new zealand. queenstown wanaka  16 Jan '14 at 15:06
Im going to New Zealand in may 2014 with my girlfriend. Im looking for work in and around queenstown.

I worked a season in Val d'isere france as a ski and boot tech and sales. I am currently in sales now, have A levels in IT, I am also an ex soldier so im all about hard work, working as a team and having fun.

I also have my cat B and cat C driving license

If anyone knows of any jobs going for a hard working happy individual like myself :-) and good places for affordable accomodation then if you could let me know, any links to websites, emails, numbers, then that would be hugely appreciated.

I know they dont start putting jobs up usually until about febuary time, but I thought I would try and get a head start.

My girlfriend is a nurse, works in A&E in london, she is looking to do nursing out there too. So if anyone also has any info or can help in anyway with that I will love you forever

many thanks guys
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#2  Re: looking for work in new zealand. queenstown wanaka  18 Jan '14 at 02:32
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Found my job and others i had interviews for on
Its like eBay but with jobs and accommodation on to.
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