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I am working on a short two-minute documentary advert on long distance love at the moment and wondered if there was anyone in the couch surfing community who might be interested in the project?

We are looking for international couples that spend a long time apart due to professional commitments and/or political or geographical obstacles.

We are looking for couples that have been currently separated for 3+ MONTHS and have not visited each other during that time. We would potentially like to facilitate a meeting for the couple around the end of Feb/March. We would cover all the costs and the couple would be paid for their time. We would ensure that their work was interrupted as minimally as possible.

The production company is Indy 8 in the UK and the director is Glen Milner. Here is a link to his website: http://glenmilner.com.

All locations will be considered – not matter how remote or extraordinary!
All nationalities and languages accepted.

Please email jessy_9891@hotmail.com for details of how to get involved! Please feel free to pass this onto anyone you think may be interested. All correspondence will be dealt with in complete confidence.

Many thanks!

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