London-Moutier/Meribel 29th/30th of November //

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#1  London-Meribel 30th November 1 SEAT LEFT  24 Oct '14 at 03:16
As a above really, big estate car and cheap (did calais to meribel in one tank of diesel last year loaded with 3 people). Am flexible with pickup and dropoff at each end. Am located in East London on the underground and so can come to the station or anywhere between that and Dover. If you need to get to Bourg St.Maurice you can throw me some extra wedge or I can assist with getting the train from Moutier.

Depending on how much stuff you have there are 2/3 seats going with space for a ski bag plus your luggage. Last trip i did cost around 70 euros a head incl. tolls and fuel. I am not asking for contributions for the wearing of my tyres or going to be calcualting the mpg and upping the price like a black cab.

Fully insured with good breakdown cover so if the worst happens in the middle of bum f%$£ knowhere we'll be ok. Sure there is a foil blanket thrown in too.

My radio cant play robin thicke or that happy song which seems to do the opposite. So if you like them this ride isn't for you.

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James Pougher
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#2  Re: London-Moutier/Meribel 29th/30th of November  25 Oct '14 at 13:02
Hi, I'm looking to get to Val D'Isere around that time. I'm probably going to have a lot of stuff so I might take up 2 peoples worth of space, don't mind paying extra though. I can meet you around London and I can get picked up from Bourg, maybe Moutiers.
Hope to hear from you soon,
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#3  Re: London-Moutier/Meribel 29th/30th of November  3 Nov '14 at 15:49
One seat already gone, looking to get the other one gone now so i can book the ferry!
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#4  Re: London-Moutier/Meribel 29th/30th of November  14 Nov '14 at 00:04
In reply to fella (Post #1)
hey i'm trying to get to Meribel for the last weekend of this month so if there is room going still that would be great!
I'm doing my season in Courchevel but my birthday is on the 2nd so hoping to get to Meribel where my friends live to celebrate with them before work starts
i can get to hackney, bethnal green way if that works for you for a pick up? what day would you ideally be leaving on/arriving?

looking forward to hearing from you soon

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#5  Re: London-Moutier/Meribel 29th/30th of November  22 Nov '14 at 21:29
In reply to fella (Post #1)
just for the fact that your radio can't play that 'happy' song i wish id seen this earlier and gone on a road trip with you randoms instead of booking myself a flight to genevA... Im heading to Meribel on 29th from london. So far I can't seem to find an affordable way to get from geneva airport to Meribel..... ! safe journey
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#6  Re: London-Moutier/Meribel 29th/30th of November  24 Nov '14 at 13:13
In reply to joeales (Post #5)
I'm heading to Meribel on the 1st and getting this bus from Geneva airport to Meribel: It's €82 which is the cheapest I've managed to find.. only goes once a day though. Hope this is helpful!
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#7  Re: London-Moutier/Meribel 29th/30th of November  21 May '15 at 08:46
In reply to fella (Post #3)

Originally posted by fella

One seat already, looking to get the other one gone now so i can book the!

yes,it's so great!!
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